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  1. Just got offer to bid at 72 days out on epic sailing today. Didn’t receive an email to bid. Was doing daily check on MYNCL and saw it available as a banner.
  2. Update - bidding just became available on MYNCL. Didn’t get an email but glad I was checking daily. This is 72 days before sailing. Let the bidding begin!
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. Been looking at your NCLonline account daily and no banner shows up. In response to Nchr above, we made final payment at about 125 days before sailing, Looking online, many insides are already sold out but balconies appear wide opened. Price for sailaway went up $30 to $579 for inside sailaway. Currently in an IA room at the moment. Jenny, thanks for the T&C’s. I had not read that prior so it makes a lot of sense. Will keep everyone posted if we do get the email or if I can see the banner on my NCL account. Either way will be a good cruise. Looking forward to smelling the ocean again in a few months!
  4. Seamstress. Thanks for the reply. Our booking was direct with NCL with their CAS - Casinos at Sea Department. I failed to mention also that our NCL Gem sailing last year was done through CAS also, but we had the ability to place a bid at exactly 80 days before sailing. However that cruise appeared to have a greater number of bookings based on the “sold out” categories from my recollection. Thanks for taking the time to reply and the details from your own experience.
  5. We are booked on a 11 day Western Caribbean cruise on Epic and have 75 days until sailing. Booking was through CAS using a cruise certificate through Caesars. I have been checking daily both email, junk email and also my Ncl.com account for the ability to place a bid but nothing yet. Is it unusual to not have it show up yet. From what I can tell, the cruise looks like there are quite a few categories available for purchase and notice that prices have fallen for insides, balconies and mini suites for sailaway categories. Tried calling for upgrade prices to do it direc. $500 pp to go frominside to balcony is a bit too much for my budget. Happy with our cabin but having a chance to get something better for a lower price is even nicer. Also, I like having something to hope for each day until sailing as it adds to the fun of waiting for your next cruise. Am I worrying too much that there won’t be any opportunity to bid at all? Appreciate anyone sharing their experience if they didn’t get the initial opportunity to bid until they were closer to their sailing. Thanks!
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