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  1. Hey VT (Marilyn) and Katie... so many thanks for all your elerts and cabin comments. On the wine front...thanks for the menu lists and to be honest I think we want your waiter and the Camus cab evening. So glad you enjoyed a super wine. Glad the bovine bath door got fixed and many thanks. Can’t quite understand the veranda table top that was in such bad shape on a new ship, but assume a replacement was needed. As long as 11268 keeps the lounger I,guess a larger table top is the trade that is done. We are cruising with dear friends and both of us are veteran Celebrithy cruisers and we really enjoy spending nights on our verandas sharing an adult beverage and playing card games in a great aft cabin. Guess it will be done on a tiny top table and hopefully with enough seating for 4. My DH called captain’s club today to try and get an answer about reservations for the specialty restaurants (restaurant and time choices) prior to boarding or waiting to do it onboard. Also wanted to know if 3 night packages are still offered pre boarding or after boarding for specialty restaurant dining. Still a little iffy on that question. Any thoughts would be appreciated . Thanks ladies... you rock and would love to meet and greet with you on a future cruise. Pat
  2. VT...thank you so much for your reviews, fair balanced insight and great sense of humor. We will be doing a B2B starting on Feb 17 and will be one of the many future cruisers in 11268. Hope we are correct that a lounger has already been put on that veranda. I will not order one of the blow up footrests if that is the case. It appears Celebrity is assessing many of the concerns and we are looking forward to our 14 days on the Edge. Have you felt that the wine selections in the various restaurants and Luminea has been good? We do enjoy our wine and have a premium bev package and have not seen much mentioned about options both in the bars are restaurants. Enjoy your cruise and we will continue to enjoy your cruise commentary with great interest.
  3. Marilyn we are so enjoying your posts concerning 11268 as we will have that cabin on Feb 17 with a B2B cruise. Learning so much and enjoying your keen sense of humor and all the commets concerning the uses for the tom tom. Sure hope you get the sprung leak fixed and have no more issues. Any more pics of the cabin and information is so greatly appreciated. Our excitement for the Edge is building daily. Thanks so much. Pat and Tom 😀
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