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  1. Been this way for years. The need to knock is really odd. You are right. Jumbo balcony, not a suite.
  2. Consider: Is your current health insurance good outside the US? Mine is not, so I buy medical primary. Do you want evacuation insurance to return to your country if seriously sick? Coverage for weather/hurricanes, luggage, delays, cancel due to illness or family emergencies Some of the things to consider when buying.
  3. You can block users. I have my one troll blocked...improved CC immensely.
  4. I miss the days of butterfish and pepper grinder discussions.
  5. If you are on the Mariner, I'd be happy to be gifted a bottle of caymus or some Macallan 25. You know, if you have no other options. 😎
  6. This past weekend, used RCLs site to book Harmony CP view balcony. Am diamond, FL resident and 55. "Purchased" a $100 OBC reward on MyVegas. Sent redemption email to the Casino Royale email address. Got reply today they posted my OBC. Received new Guest Invoice. Will transfer booking to big box agency later this week. Haven't spoken to a soul at RCL. All online and email.
  7. So, the test you ordered, was it a pack of 6 tests for $150? I looked at emed's site, think thats what I saw. Not bad prixe I'd the keep long enough to use the rest of them.
  8. What are all the hoops? Am I missing something? Its just a test 3 (now 2) days before, right? Did I miss something?
  9. Since The Goog says it's a 2 hour drive to the port, I'm happy to be first on the ship...you know, to check it out for everyone else. Happy to do my part. 😎🍹
  10. Found Harmony...May 22 2022 Park View balcony for 1452 excluding tips. Can't pass up that price.
  11. 21 years ago? Would think that was little 8 oz glass bottles. 🤣
  12. Less can be more. Do a taxi to the beach and just chill. Or, stay on the ship once...almost better than the beach.
  13. So far, only have my 3:00 choice. Calling TA today to upgrade, will see what they can do, if anything.
  14. My policy states: Accidental Injury or Sickness warrants Your Emergency Evacuation. Emergency Evacuation means: (a) the Insured's medical condition warrants immediate transportation from the place where the Insured is injured or sick to the nearest Hospital where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained; (b) after being treated at a local Hospital, Your medical condition warrants transportation to the United States where the Insured resides, to obtain further medical treatment or to recover; or (c) both (a) and (b), above.
  15. Swim off to the middle of the pool? Like 5 feet away? That'll fix em. Lol 😎
  16. I dont know about the international aspect of cruising now. So not sure I can help. But either way, I'll have my vaccine and my trip insurance with primary medical and evacuation coverages. It allows me to not worry. Makes it more relaxing. Now, where do I get my rapid test...... 🤔 lol
  17. Been turned away from MDR for males wearing sleeveless shirts for breakfast. Never for shorts.
  18. Well, I miss Bob. But I've noticed in my short time back that my only blocked user is still around spewing idiocy and snark. Some things change, some stay the same.
  19. If I may...not trying to be a jerk.... One thing we value about the Hop is feeling confident that we will be back to the ship on time. No matter how much "fun" we have. The Bar Hop Babysitter gets us on the bus and gets us to our port at the end. Peace of mind. If we lived nearby, we wouldn't worry about missing the ship and the cost associated with flying to the next port. If you miss the last ferry due to too much fun, hit a hotel for the night, catch the ferry in the AM. Get comments and discussion.
  20. Do I need to do anything special to get the time to change? I'm looking in the app, it shows the time. Not sure how to get it to give me a new one. Thanks.
  21. So, today was our check in day. Completed it around noon. We got 3:00 as our time. We are diamond, so not our first go around. Know in the past, you show up anytime, even though they gave a time. But that was all pre-covid trips. We always arrived early. Once we were #3 and #4 in the door. Can I still arrive early, or do I need to do 3:00? Can that time be changed?
  22. Each time, you meet new people on the Hop. One, the people we met were from our ship, we hung out for the rest of the trip. You can drink and not worry about getting back in time. It is a little party each trip. That side of Cozumel is wonderful. We aren't interested in other excursions as they are largely the same every stop.
  23. To steal and combine some comments.... yes the alcohol weighs on me over a week. Tummy doesn't always like it. Count in bottles of water, latte drinks, fresh squeezed juices. There are ways to get your value without lots of alcohol. But, with the package, I don't feel the need to wonder or worry about how much I've spent on drinks. It is very relaxing to not worry. Gotta weigh those, decide what you think.
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