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  1. I am going on Viking's Rhine Getaway itinerary in May. I'm trying to determine what excursion I should select to see the Kinderdijk windmills. Have any of you done any of the following excursions there? And if you know that one is definitely better than another one, that would be super helpful! Thank you! 1. Kinderdijk Windmills - this is the "included" tour - 2 hours. Is this enough time to truly enjoy the windmills? 2. Kinderdijk Windmills & Dutch Cheese Making - this one is listed as 4.5 hours long. Do you have plenty of time to enjoy both the windmills and the cheese? 3. Kinderdijk Windmills by Bicycle - My husband and I are in good shape. We're not worried about biking. How does it compare to the included tour? 4. Kinderdijk by Vintage Barge - 2.5 hours long. Viking lists this one as "privileged access." Is it really a great way to see the windmills?
  2. I just got back from our Cities of Light cruise and even though we received an email stating we would be staying in a hotel in Trier on 8/24 because our ship could not get beyond Koblenz, our ship did in fact make it to Trier. We were able to sail the entire way (down the Moselle to Koblenz, then down the middle Rhine to the Main River), exactly as originally planned. The Middle Rhine was supposedly the lowest area, but our captain went slowly and we made it through! We feel very fortunate!
  3. They are giving us 25% of what we paid for this cruise to put towards a future cruise (river or ocean).
  4. Our longship cannot dock in Trier, Cochem, or Koblenz like it was supposed to. So now, our schedule is: Day 1 - Paris Day 2 - Paris Day 3 - 4 hour bus ride from Paris to Trier. Hotel overnight in Trier. Day 4 - Trier / 2 hour bus ride to Mainz to embark on ship Day 5 - Ship stays in Mainz. Passengers are bussed by motorcoach for 1.5 hours to Cochem for touring. Then, they are bussed back to the ship. Day 6 - Ship stays in Mainz. Passengers are bussed by motorcoach for 1 hour to Koblenz for touring. Then, they are bussed back to the ship. Day 7 - Ship finally sails to Heidelberg...
  5. We fly out tomorrow. We did get an e-mail a few days ago letting us know that there might be an itinerary change, but now 24 hours before we leave, Viking confirmed what those itinerary changes are. I'm still pretty excited because we might get to see two additional cities (Mainz and Bernkastel).
  6. I'm going on my first Viking River Cruise and I just got an email stating our Cities of Light itinerary has been changed: Anyone know if the longships dock in a nice part of Mainz? It would be great to see an extra city that wasn't even part of the itinerary.
  7. Thanks! I hope this holds true on my cruise and I'll have some time to enjoy the towns after our tours!
  8. I'm about to go on my first river cruise - Viking's Cities of Light (Paris to Prague). I'm familiar with ocean cruising where there are clear arrival/departure times at each port. Many of the reviews I've read seem to suggest that while you are touring, the boat continues down the river. The included tours I've booked in cities like Trier, Cochem, and Koblenz are running about 3 hours long. How much time do we actually have in port? Do we have any free time after the tours or do we need to hop back on the bus to catch up with the boat? Thanks in advance!
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