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    Happy 10th Anniversary to Oceania!

    Cruising on another line in early October 2003, we docked in Valletta opposite Regatta and when two well-dressed passengers strolled down Regatta's gangplank with their sporty bicycles in hand, we knew Oceania was for us. Fortunately someone from Oceania had pre-arranged for our family to have lunch that day on board Regatta and we've been sailing Oceania with family and friends ever since. My brother and his wife are cruising to Lima right now on Regatta, wish we were with them. Thanks for the memories Oceania, you're the best!
  2. SeaCCruiser

    How to get Brochure prices?

    [quote name='davidmaveng']calls to Oceania listed only B4 and above on their 2012 transatlantic[/QUOTE] You can check availability for specific cabins online for the 2012 cruises and even book online if you prefer, then later transfer the booking to your favorite TA.
  3. SeaCCruiser

    How to get Brochure prices?

    Sorry, double post
  4. SeaCCruiser

    Europe 2012 Very dissapointing

    I've been reading on another Oceania/Cruise Critic thread that Oceania is doing some "intense marketing" in Europe. The post went on to say that someone on Nautica's Bangkok/Beijing cruise recently emailed, "there were 200 guests on board from all over" not just North America, so Oceania's appeal is definitely becoming more global. As for the 2012 summer cruises, Europeans probably prefer 10 days since they don't have far to travel to embark, but 14 days suits us perfectly. I'm still dreaming of a cruise on Oceania which would include England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Then if it rains everyday while cruising the British Isles, we could look forward to sunny days exploring the west coast of France, and with an overnight in Honfleur, we would even have time to visit the Normandy beaches.
  5. SeaCCruiser

    Random thoughts from Marina's 3rd voyage

    [quote name='yorkiemomjn'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]What is the link to the bridge cam?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]Thanks![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]Judy[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] [url]http://www.kroooz-cams.com/nautica/nautica.php[/url] Nice view from Nautica, perhaps in Shanghai since their itinerary may have been slightly modified due to the earthquake in Japan. Kroooz-cams is showing Insignia, Nautica and Regatta Bridge or Computer Lab Cams. Marina's cams are supposedly "coming soon" but you could click on PortCams for a possible port sighting of Marina.
  6. SeaCCruiser

    Overland Tours?

    [quote name='TER777']I did an overnight to Mandalay (Burma) and it was well worth it.[/QUOTE] Ter777, did you use Overland for your tour to Mandalay? When we are docked at Rangoon, we would like to fly to Mandalay for an overnight. TIA
  7. SeaCCruiser

    Suggestions on Which Cruise to take

    I just wanted to add, Ephesus was mostly downhill. Also, Mykonos and Delos were fairly easy to stroll, but if uneven pavement will cause any difficulties, the Baltic may be a wiser choice. I suspected Marina would be too large for the Kiel Canal which is a shame since it was indeed one of the highlights of our 2nd trip to the Baltic, but I think I would still prefer the Baltic over the Mediterranean if walking was a problem.
  8. SeaCCruiser

    Suggestions on Which Cruise to take

    When we toured Venice, Dubrovnik, and Ephesus, we walked quite a bit. In Santorini and Corfu we rented cars, and in Athens, 2nd day we toured by van. Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm, and St Petersburg could also be enjoyed by touring in a van or on a bus, and there wasn't too much walking in Gdansk, but slightly more in Helsinki and Tallinn.
  9. SeaCCruiser

    Oceania- NEVER AGAIN !!!

    I've been fortunate enough to have been cruising since I was 20, on & off for 40 years. When I sailed the first time w/my parents in a B1 category on QE2, there was gold leaf on the ceiling, silk bedspreads and silk draperies, a large marbled bath and a huge walk-in closet, but the linens certainly could never have compared to Oceania's or the sheer comfort of the beds on Oceania. (So much for the "good old days") The service in the Queen's Grill was splendid, but the food in comparison to Oceania's, no contest. In regard to the comment that quality is a thing of the past, not on an Oceania ship it isn't. With china designed by Jacques Pepin, antique flatware and Lalique glassware, I can't wait to enjoy the beauty and standards Oceania has set when we sail next year on Marina.
  10. SeaCCruiser

    Oceania- NEVER AGAIN !!!

    I agree
  11. SeaCCruiser

    Honfleur, Sept 17th. Private guide

    [quote name='Mura']we did a land tour to Normandy (driving from Paris) and spent several days in the Beaches area. I can recommend a lovely B&B and guide if anyone is interested ... Mura[/QUOTE] I would be very interested in knowing where you stayed, since we will be touring Normandy prior to boarding the ship, so we can then spend our only day in Honfleur walking around the town. Thank you
  12. SeaCCruiser

    Private guides tours in St Petersburg, 7-28,7-29

    I would give Alla a try, she may have had some cancellations, and she is very accommodating. Her email address > [email]allaushakova@aim.com[/email]
  13. SeaCCruiser

    want to book my own air

    I would think the current fare would be similar to next year's, except they might add additional charges for luggage, etc. I would try > http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-skymiles-665/ and if that link doesn't work, it's FlyerTalk.com, Forums, Miles & Points, then the specific airline you are interested in flying. The people on FT are a great source for all kinds of information, because they fly all the time and are most helpful.
  14. SeaCCruiser

    Looking for Recommendation for Hotel in London

    We all have our favorites in London, and our two are The Stafford and Dukes Hotel, both located in St James's Place near Green Park and Fortnum & Mason. St James Place is behind The Ritz and a short walk to the stop for the hop on/hop off sightseeing buses on Piccadilly, as well as near the Green Park Tube station. There are occasionally some great last minute rates on LHW.com for Dukes which include a full English Breakfast. Or, upon arrival at Heathrow, you could rent a car and drive 1 hr (approx 50 miles) to The Bear in Woodstock, near Oxford. The Bear is a charming 13th century coaching inn, and after checking in you could stroll a few blocks to the back entrance of Blenheim Palace and roam the beautiful grounds before jet lag sets in.
  15. SeaCCruiser

    LAX to LHR--Time to bite the bullet?

    I meant to write Thursday, 7/1 instead of Monday, that will teach me not to be doing 3 different things at one time.