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  1. Your sense of humor & style of writing made for an enjoyable morning read but it should come with a warning - "drinking while reading may result with spillage" - Thanks for the review. I'm on the Emerald this year for the holidays & will stay clear of Rene in the MDR!
  2. h-sar, Thanks for your input - last few cruises we have had club class dining but my DH vaguely remembers the dining times posted in the personalizer were different once on the ship. I'm sure we won't go hungry 🤣
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a live from & what a great job you're doing - I'll be on the Sky in December & my excitement is growing with every post I read! I saw in the Patter that traditional dining times are different than my personalizer. Patter says 5:30 & 7:45 - personalizer says 5 & 7:15 - I'm wondering if dining times will change once the ship arrives in the Caribbean. I hope so - we have 2nd seating & 7:45 is just too late & 5 is just too early - might have to switch to anytime dining 😞
  4. Do the gift cards have expiration dates? If yes, how far out are the dates? Thanks Also, do you think the gift cards can be used (when on a ship) to purchase a future cruise deposit?
  5. Found it & I have 4,800 points to spend - thanks!
  6. thank you! I am a member & was signed in but didn't notice anything about points. I will check it out again & see how to earn the points - again, thanks 🙂
  7. I'm not finding the gift cards on AARP site & when I search for "Princess Cruises gift cards" on aarp it brings me to another site - the gift card shop (a trusted aarp website) - once there, I still find nothing for Princess gift cards - what am I doing wrong?
  8. Found this on Etsy - Surprise Cruise Trip Tickets - $5 https://www.etsy.com/listing/703882693/cruise-surprise-trip-tickets-carnival?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=Princess+cruises&ref=sr_gallery-1-10&organic_search_click=1 while looking at the magnets - which are really cute!
  9. Thanks for your quick response! I found it by searching princess 3 day sale & will be attending an event in my area. I love CC boards - I learn so much!!
  10. Is the "TA that can't be named" a big box store? We're about to book 15 day Panama Canal but might wait for this "3-Day Sale"
  11. It says Princess - you’ll get your 3% cash back. I used my Costco Visa card - making this offer a win/win/win 🤗
  12. Yes & no - my first order went through w/o any problems 🤗 My 2nd order not so easy - 🙁 I received an email that order was denied - charge was posted to my credit card but charge was credited - I then placed another w/a princess representative & I received an email w/$1000 gift card but not the promotional $50 gc - another phone call being told it could take up to 3 days to receive it - I wasn’t buying that - after 2 more phone calls it all got straighten out - speaking to the right person, Sarah in customer service, was what it took. Good luck!!!
  13. I did not know this - Have not gotten that far in the process yet 🙂 Soon to be 5 Royal Class ships - Sky & Enchanted - The Sky will be doing the Caribbean - hopefully, that will give you more choices
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