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  1. This gives me a tiny speck of hope, though I doubt I'll get the good news. I'm also in an owner's suite on this same sailing, booked during that sale where it was cheaper than a GS, but I didn't bid on a CL, however did put bids in on the Star Loft and the 2 bedroom Aqua Suite, both quite a bit above the minimum, but no strong bids. It wasn't worth it to me for a lateral move, though I'd really love to experience a Genie just once.
  2. Thank you for the updated Compasses. It's interesting that they only got the curfew correct once on Day 2 (ages 17 and under), the rest are listed as 18 and under.
  3. I'm pretty sure there's errors all over their website, and unfortunately they don't seem to care or stand by them. Looking at this option and the square footage description, the spacious option is actually the one with a smaller balcony, same size room, and costs more. Doesn't make any sense. AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom Enjoy the best seat in the house during AquaTheater performances in a comfy suite with sweeping ocean views. Beds Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed One double sofa bed Size Stateroom: 562 sq. ft. Balcony: 631 sq. ft. Occupancy Up to 4 guests From $6,486* From $583 /month info Per Person Spacious AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom Enjoy a great space to the AquaTheater performances from your balcony. Beds Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed One double sofa bed Size Stateroom: 562 sq. ft. Balcony: 589 sq. ft. Occupancy Up to 4 guests From $6,611* From $594 /month info Per Person
  4. Definitely not being picky, as that's a huge difference!
  5. This is my confusion. It shows available for purchase at $199/pp, but the terms and conditions read the following: Prices are per person for the full sailing. All selections are subject to change. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to verify eligibility upon arrival to the activity. Specialty Dining Packages must be booked at least two days prior to boarding and may not be available for every sail date. One reservation will be automatically created for the first night of the sailing. All other reservations must be made onboard and are subject to availability. Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner and, when available, lunch service. For restaurants with a la carte pricing, you’ll receive a $35 food credit. Beverages not included. For Dining Packages, It is not required that children 12 and under purchase this product. Children ages 0-5 dine for free and children ages 6-12 will be charged a $10 cover at the restaurant. Not available on holiday sailings. Not valid for Chef's Table, or Culinary Experiences/Activities. Purchase of dining packages provides 40% discount off bottles of wine priced at $100 or less; 20% discount off bottles of wine priced over $100 while dining in Specialty Restaurants. Wine discount valid only with the purchase of 3-night, 4-night, 5-night, or Unlimited Dining Packages; other Dining Packages excluded. Terms of Royal Caribbean’s Alcohol Policy apply, including a minimum drinking age, which varies by itinerary. Offer is not transferable, not redeemable for cash, and expires on the final night of the cruise. VAT will be added to the price where applicable. Terms of Dining Packages apply.
  6. I'm on the same cruise and was wondering the same thing, so I'll be following along. There doesn't appear to be much information out there about this NYE cruise, and where/what events might take place, and if all paid venues will be having their own special events, thus rendering the dining package useless on that night. However, I do believe that it does not cover any of the upcharge items in the MDR at all.
  7. Perhaps the description should not include the word "guarantee" if it's not guaranteed. Maybe the word "promise" with crossed fingers is more accurate.
  8. Thanks for a response. I was thinking if this is all about making the most money, and Royal has to give a cut to the agent, then they might possibly overlook those that didn't book with them directly, thus giving them the most extra dollars. Or, is it a case that the agent gets nothing extra.
  9. I didn't read through all 93 pages, but are any of those who get their bids accepted originally booked through a travel agent? I'm just curious if it somehow has any effect on their commissions (them getting anything more based on amount bid), an therefore most "wins" possibly go to those who book directly.
  10. Booked the Owner's Suite as well with that sale, it was a no-brainer. We are also on deck 14.
  11. I get this message too, and I am in an Owner's Suite on Allure in July, so I think it's just a Royal Caribbean issue, and maybe not all ships can book ahead the Coastal Kitchen. If I recall correctly, the last time I was on Allure I don't think I was able to pre-book either, and I was in a Crown Loft.
  12. Current price on my Allure cruise for July is $52/day (I bought it at $48/day last month), and current price for my Explorer cruise over New Year's is at $56/day (I paid $50/day back in February). I check daily to see if there are any price drops, but alas, none of the "sales" are relevant.
  13. Can you not just pre-book now if you see a good price, and then change your reservation once onboard to a day/time that meets your needs?
  14. I'm with you, $50 is insulting. Royal Caribbean doesn't think anything of charging $50+ per person more for the option to pick your own room, so their lowest bid should have been something more than that $100 OBC for the 2 of you, as the one you chose, and likely paid for the privilege of doing so, was unavailable.
  15. Cancel your Key, and now you'll be coming out ahead, since you'll already get those perks with the suite.
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