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  1. Cruise cancelled last week(by Cunard) and still no official notification from Cunard. Thank heavens I am on cruise critic or I would not have known.
  2. I spoke to Cunard today and was told they should know in a couple of weeks if my cruise is cancelled. Only trouble is the cruise starts in a couple of weeks.
  3. We have friends who were doing a Princess cruise the week before us and their cruise has already been cancelled and they received a full refund within 2 days plus a FCC.
  4. Royal Caribbean is not being fair to their customers. We have a cruise in April to Hong Kong and China and we know this will not go ahead but any enquires to Royal get the reply the cruise is going ahead with no changes. We could cancel and get a credit but in order to get our flights, accomodation etc refunded we need the cruise to be cancelled. It will get cancelled but probably at short notice with no time to organise alternatives. The feeling amongst cruisers is that other lines are giving more notice and thereby creating more goodwill.
  5. Hollywood pool (free adults only area) is undercover and protected from winds and most sun. First day it was cold water but then it warmed up. Good size pool and two spas as well.
  6. On recent Carnival cruise I had my Aldi board taken at security at Sydney Port and got it back at the end of the cruise
  7. We were pleasantly surprised last month when we sailed to Tasmania that even though we had not done a princess cruise for over 15 years our P&O cruises qualified us for platinum and free wifi.
  8. My ancestors came out on the first fleet but remained in Sydney
  9. Thank you all for your replies. Tours on the ship are nearly booked up and was worried we would miss seeing it
  10. Cruising to Tasmania in October, need to know if you can walk to the historical sight from where the boat tenders arrive. Thanks
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