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  1. We’re still booked for August ‘21, but not totally sure we’re going. Very disappointed with all this Covid stuff.
  2. my Sister is on this particular cruise and she texted me an hour ago and said they are returning to Miami again. Anybody know what’s going on?
  3. Would you please share with me the tracker app you use? I have family on this ship and would like to track their progress. Thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has done the Celebrity land/cruise - southbound from Fairbanks to Vancouver? I'm interested in the land portion of the trip, specifically the start times for the planned events -- for example, there is a Fairbanks city tour and a visit to the Gold Dredge No 8, and a scenic riverboat tour. There are no times attached to these trips. I texted with Celebrity and they said we would find out the times the day we arrive in Fairbanks. Now the planner in me just has a need to know. Day two we take the wilderness express to Denali....I really wish I knew the departure ti
  5. Zdad59, I'd very much like to have your excel template! Wonderful! Can't wait to start putting stuff on it. Pam.hazelwood@belmont.edu
  6. Thanks so much! I'll research some of the B2Bs.
  7. I'd be interested in hearing about the best B2B cruises you've taken. The longest cruise we've been on was 14 days up the east coast and into Canada during the fall colors. But I'm intrigued by the idea of a B2B or even a B2B2B. I'd also like to know about how/where you find out about the cruises where the ship relocates.. i'm not sure that is the correct term.
  8. That was our feeling about once cruising in an AQ cabin, there's no going back.
  9. 239 more days!!! Just can't wait. Headed to Alaska for a 4 day ground tour and a 7 day cruise in Alaska. I've been combing the Alaska message boards for self guided tours. We love cruising on Celebrity!!!!
  10. We are also in M class AQ on Millennium, aft 1107. Anybody ever stayed in that cabin?
  11. My husband and I really, really enjoyed Aqua Class! We loved dining in Blu and the use of Persian Gardens. We felt pampered! We are booked for an Alaskan Cruise in August and will be in Aqua Class. Can't wait.
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