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  1. Thanks for posting that menu...appreciate the info! Now, just a year + till I get to go!
  2. Ok...like the other cruise lines...good to know..thanks
  3. Was just curious to see what one looked like...but guessing it's similar cruise fare like the other lines. Celebrity pretty much has 7 menus that it recycles on a weekly basis. Do they have a standard fare that you can get every night if nothing appeals to you for that night? Would love to see one menu if someone has one.
  4. Deeliteful...found the review and read it all the way through..thanks so very much...we've sailed NCL before but not one of these large ships where you have to book everything ahead of time...but reading your review calms me down some...sounds great! We don't sail till 9/20 so have a while to look ahead. Thanks again.
  5. I looked for your post but was not able to find it....
  6. This is good to know...was one of the questions I had...thanks.
  7. Do anyone have some sample menus from the Breakaway main dining rooms....Manhattan , Savor or Taste? Just curious as this will be my first Breakaway ship experience.
  8. There are now two threads for the same cruise...how can they be combined? One is listed as: August 30, 2019--Alaska and the other is: Celebrity Solstice Roll Call - August 30, 2019 Please advise....
  9. Again..thanks for the info...each pull will only be $3 so can't imagine a $1,200 win....but you never know?????
  10. Thanks for responding...do you know what the limit is that we can win with paying the taxes? I think maybe we've come up with a plan...with 60 people we're thinking of dividing into 3 groups...each group will start with $300...and after the last person in that group pulls...we cash out.,,,and cash in at the cashier as well. Then go on the to the next group and do the same...and then the third group. When all is done, we'll pool all the $$ from each group and then divide that by 60. This way, we feel the odds of hitting huge on $300 is better than starting with $900....any ideas about this?
  11. Just read through this thread..lots of helpful info here...but have some questions that I hope someone can answer... We've organized a Slot Pull on our upcoming Oct. cruise. We have 60 people signed up to participate each putting in $15. We're a bit concerned about IF we win big and there would be taxes to pay...any suggestions on how to run this so that we can avoid that....???? Any advice will be appreciated...we have not contacted the ship casino and are just running it ourselves.
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