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  1. 15 hours ago, BirdTravels said:

    Just remember that NCL has 14 MDR dinner menus that they randomly rotate through. So, you may or may not see those menus on your cruise. 

    Was just curious to see what one looked like...but guessing it's similar cruise fare like the other lines.  Celebrity pretty much has 7 menus that it recycles on a weekly basis.  Do they have a standard fare that you can get every night if nothing appeals to you for that night?  Would love to see one menu if someone has one.

  2. Deeliteful...found the review and read it all the way through..thanks so very much...we've sailed NCL before but not

    one of these large ships where you have to book everything ahead of time...but reading your review calms me down some...sounds great!  We don't sail till 9/20 so have a while to look ahead.  Thanks again.

  3. 6 hours ago, tomk3212 said:

    I have to try the 3 Cheese Ziti next time!  Someone in a different post was wishing they had it in The Haven's restaurant & they had to special order it from the MDR.


    BTW, Savor, Taste & the Manhattan Room all have the same menu.

    This is good to know...was one of the questions I had...thanks.

  4. That can be a problem, we had that happen on Celebrity and they did not issue a 1099g. You need to ask this of the casino manager since it could happen on any spin.


    Thanks for responding...do you know what the limit is that we can win with paying the taxes?

    I think maybe we've come up with a plan...with 60 people we're thinking of dividing into 3 groups...each group will

    start with $300...and after the last person in that group pulls...we cash out.,,,and cash in at the cashier as well. Then go on the to the next group and do the same...and then the third group. When all is done, we'll pool all the $$ from each group and then divide that by 60. This way, we feel the odds of hitting huge on $300 is better than starting with $900....any ideas about this?

  5. Just read through this thread..lots of helpful info here...but have some questions that I hope someone can answer...

    We've organized a Slot Pull on our upcoming Oct. cruise. We have 60 people signed up to participate each putting in $15. We're a bit concerned about IF we win big and there would be taxes to pay...any suggestions on how to run this so that we can avoid that....???? Any advice will be appreciated...we have not contacted the ship casino and are just running it ourselves.

  6. doing so much reading lately...can't remember where I saw what....so not sure if it was a post on this thread...but someone mentioned the difference in the canal tours...with the bigger boats and smaller ones....if that was here can someone let me know....:confused: Been looking into the Eating Amsterdam Jordaan Food and Canal tour...says their canal tour is on one of the older smaller wooden boats...sounds great to me...???

  7. from one Lois to another, just want to thank you, LoisR, for the thread and all the great posts with info...it's been so enlightening...and since I'm not taking my cruise till May 2017...suspect there will be more great info to come. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    Lois aka HiLo71

  8. Been researching all morning long and for one reason or another having a hard time finding something that fits our needs. We did come across The Best Western Dam Square that seems to be reasonable, good location and has an elevator which my bad knees require....just wondering if anyone has heard/read/or experienced this hotel? Any info would be appreciated ;)

  9. We'll be staying in Amsterdam for 3 nights after our

    River Cruise in May 2017...looking for a place in a decent location to some of the sights (not too far from Anne Frank's house). Would love a bed and breakfast type place but really just want something reasonable with easy access....so a hotel is also fine. Any suggestions? Also anyone know of any tour companies that cater to hotel guests? Info much appreciated

  10. Hilo, are we on the same cruise? RCI ? We have been to SB several times, and have not booked any tours there this time.

    We are not good walkers. I was going to TRY to walk to Stearns Wharf and check out things there, but it is a bit of a walk for us.




    I think we are on the same cruise....at least your screen name loos familiar! :)

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