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  1. Did you request a particular size table? Were you traveling with others? Did you know any of the other 12 people? We assumed you all were traveling together. I don't think I've ever seen such a big table set up in the MDR.


    We requested a table for 6 or 8 and did not know any of those people. However there was a couple from the town next to us.....small world...They offered to change us to a table of 4...no way..if the ohter couple didn't shown up we'd be just the two of us and I can do that at home...so we stuck it out. :o

  2. We were in the MDR, early seating at table 314...a table of 14 (which we did NOT request) and I believe our waiter was also Savio...but our assistant was an oriental gal whose name began with an M...so maybe they weren't the same servers, however, the service was near awful as we barely got out of the diningr oom before close to 8:30. We did complain as well, and the head Maitre'd did attempt to help, but it rarely happened. The servers also got our dessert orders incorrect most of the time...but the people at our table were nice and the rest of the trip was lovely!

  3. We stayed at the Ibis Valparaiso on March 14 before our Celebrity Infinity cruise. Very good rates (about $60 Canadian) $7 for breakfast.. Room was larger than European Ibis and window can be opened. It is right at a metro stop and there are shops including a large supermarket. Metro can be taken to cruise terminal and there are no steps.


    We know someone else who stays here when he visits..sounds very promising and thanks for the info about the metro and getting to the cruise terminal..this will be very helpful!

  4. Hi....we'll be taking a trip from Valparasia, Chile back to Florida in March of 2016. I'm thinking we'll need to get to Chile at least 1-2 days before we sail and wonder if any one can recommend a nice (not too pricy) place that might be near the port? Any suggestions and reviews are welcome. Thanks! :)

  5. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle or if we need to get a taxi to take us to Atlantis from the cruise port? Want to spend a little time there and then head to the Straw Market...just need to know who to get there. :confused:

  6. HiLo71,

    Just gave a quick look at ucruiser.com as seen on your countdowns and wondering how you would compare them with this board?

    Looks like they do not have to many current posts and wondering if they are new or what? Or if you use them for particular information?

    Don't want to seem to be critical, but just wondering.




    Not being critical...I just use their signature thing...have never used their site...didn't even know they had one like this...is it similar with boards and comments? Now you've got me curious..:confused:

  7. Hi everyone...I want to thank you all for replying to my questions about Vantage and TA's...didn't mean to start a war here, but anyway, we have decided to put off a River Cruise for a while. Not sure it would be right for us just now, but certainly do appreciate all the comments and advice. Will keep it all tucked away for later use...and whatever cruises you all have planned, I hope they are spectacular. :D Thanks again!!

  8. Thanks for the info Pete...I will be sharing it with my TA and see what happens...I like using a TA....I usually research the cruise I want and the itinerary...then go to her for the best price and she's always come through for us! :)

  9. Thanks to all of you who have responded...the feedback here is very encouraging...now we just have to get organized to figure out when to go...I didn't realize some of the cabins would be "below" the water line...guess those are the less expensive one???? Something to keep in mind...I'm very naive when it comes to advertising and ship promotions...Thanks again...will keep checking here!!!! :D

  10. thank you all...this is very helpful...I could only finds sites where people complained about Vantage and was hoping that there were positive people out there as well. We usually us a TA and she can't help us with this as Vantage does not use TA's...and she was concerned because she doesn't know anything about them...so the more positive things I hear, the better. Some of the negative comments I read were that once you booked, you were not treated well...your comments sound a whole lot better!!!

  11. thanks Pat...this is very helpful...so the higher the category of cabin, the better the room? Guess that's just like all cruises! Do you mean the beds on the lower deck were like pull down or regular beds?

  12. I can also recommend http://www.rhodesprivatetours.com. :D We were in Rhodes in November and used this company. It was a fabulous day and our driver took us where ever we wanted to go. We had an interest in the Jewish aspect of Rhodes and we were not disappointed in anything that we saw. The driver was courteous and knowledgeable. The cost for the private tour was just 45 Euros per hour/ car ...not per person! If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask I'll be happy to answer... L N 1 1 7 1 4 at yahoo dot *****

  13. Royal Caribbean is my favorite line...but I've never been on the Voyager. My favorites right now are the Radiance Class ships. Celebrity is next...but I'm hoping this NCL will be much better than our last one. My daughter and her husband only do Royal and are booked on the Allure for March.

    It would be great fun to meet you...we'll be on the April 29th sailing...and I'm on that CC thread...so hope to see you and Mom pop up there...I'd love to know how you enjoyed the RCL...have a great time!

  14. I'll be sailing on the GEM to Bermuda in April and loved reading this. I was one one other NCL ship many years ago and was not that thrilled. Have been on my cruises since, but never another NCL till we booked this one. We'll be traveling with two single women friends and hope to have a wonderful time. I was actually on a Carribean cruise last year and we only had one day in Bermuda...got there too late to deal with the ferry so only walked around the Dockyard....and I was in Bermuda my honeymoon 40 years ago...so this time we're hell bent on seeing more of the island. Your travelogue was so very entertaining and I'm glad to hear you thought the food was pretty good...my husband get ticked when he can't find anything he likes...so, again thanks!!

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