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  1. Will USA passengers be allowed on Southampton sailings ?
  2. So frustrating with airline changes right now. I have 8 flights booked with Alaska Airlines this summer and fall, 7 of the flights have been changed or cancelled. Alaska is still my favorite airline and I do feel for the phone agents that have to deal with all these changes and unhappy passengers.
  3. So excited to know that the Millennium is sailing out of Seattle today for her first Alaska cruise. I will be doing this cruise next month. It will be my 8th Alaska cruise and I am still excited to be cruising again after a year and a half. Hope someone on board will share with us.
  4. Le grand bistro was open on the Edge in January 2020
  5. I feel for her also. Not up to Celebrity standards for suite passengers. why are the not stopping all the people that show up before their assigned time ?
  6. Can`t wait to be back on X sailing to Alaska at the end of August.
  7. Yes the Celebrity wine is called Elegance and it is made by K.Jackson.
  8. This is exactly what I was looking for. I miss vtcruising so much 😪
  9. Does anyone have a current MDR wine list by the glass and Bottle. What wines are offered on the 3 bottle wine Package ?
  10. So happy to welcome you back Jim. I am cruising on the Milli in August to Alaska and the Apex in November. So happy to be back to our NEW NORMAL !
  11. I am having problems with the App. I have a Alaska cruise in August but the App will only show my Apex cruise in November. Anyone else have this problem ?
  12. Can you tell me who your captains club host/hostess is on the Millennium ?
  13. Can you please tell me who the Captains Club host/hostess is ?
  14. I know the regular price per glass is $25. but not sure if they have a discount with Premium pkg.
  15. Do you remember the amount ? I was mainly interested in glass price with the premium package.
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