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  1. We are on the Riviera on November 15th. Hope the hurricane season is over by then.
  2. I have a friend who is on the Oceania Rivera right now. They are holding off of Searsport. They will miss going to Boston and Newport RI. They will hold until they sail into NYC on Saturday and disembark the ship. We are doing this cruise Aug. 30 - Sept. 11 2020. Hope we get good weather. Coming from the west Coast some of these ports will be new to us.
  3. I see you are going to Catania. We booked a tour through Viator. It`s called Street food walking tour, or something like that. The gal that was our guide was fabulous. It was one of the best tours we have ever done. I see you don`t arrive until noon. Maybe they have a afternoon tour. Cheers, Heather
  4. I have a good friend on the Riviera right now. The are off Searsport. They missed Boston and Newport RI. I hope the seas smooth out for their sail to NYC. We are doing a RT Boston on Celebrity next Aug. 30 - Sept. 11th. Coming from the West coast some of these ports will be new to us.
  5. Yes, we are now considering anything on the West Coast.
  6. We have one cruise next year where we don`t have the drink package. With our Elite Plus benefits this would work great.
  7. Do you have to drink all 5 in one day or can you have 3 one day and 2 the next day ?
  8. We are on this trip out of Boston next August. I wonder how they knew how to find the two passengers at the Chateau ? They could have been anywhere. Did they call their cell phones ?
  9. Paul, I have so enjoyed reading your review. Hope you have seen my replies. I will look forward to cruising with you on the April Hawaii cruise ! X should be paying you commission as everyone wants to meet you at the Martini Bar 😜
  10. I know in years past they asked you not to take drinks out of the sky lounge. Is that still the case ?
  11. I agree. Even though it is nice to get rid of your bags, I see other problems just like the OP above.
  12. Paul, I so enjoy following your blogs. You have a wonderful style and a smashing sense of humor. I hope you don`t get the cruise blues when you get home. The only way I can shake the cruise blues is to book another one. We will look forward to meeting you in April on our Honolulu to Vancouver Eclipse cruise. We will stay at the Hyatt Regency the night before our cruise. See you in April, Heather
  13. Over sized outdoor movie screen. No thanks, I wish they would leave that to Princess. I want to hear the ocean, not some movie that attracks kids. IMHO
  14. Oh Boy, I have never sailed with her. I am on a girls cruise and leaving DH at home.
  15. I have been following this review on the MSC boards. The pictures of the food do not look very appetizing. Those of you who have cruised with X and MSC what are your thoughts about the food.
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