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  1. I would love to know any information about the Apex November 4th cruise. I think it will be more heavily booked.
  2. Have a wonderful cruise. I am on November 4th Apex and will be following you.
  3. I have stayed in 1122 and we could here the movies all day on our balcony. I love my quite balcony time so I wouldn’t book that cabin again.
  4. I will miss a bath tub and the O bathroom
  5. On the Millennium two weeks ago we had to show our cards for drinks and cafe il bacio
  6. Jim, I just asked you this on another tread but can you please find out any information about the Apex Transatlantic? The Silhouette TA canceled today because of 14 day quarantine. there are 1700 people booked on the Apex TAcruise. I am on the November 4th cruise and trying to figure out if the TA will cancel or the Apex TA. thanks so much for letting us follow along on your fabulous cruise 🚢
  7. Jim, can ask future cruise or another staff member what is going to happen with the Apex TA ? there are 1700 people booked on that cruise. The 14 day ship quarantine will either effect the Apex TA or my November 4 th cruise will have to cancel. Many thanks 😊
  8. It leaves in less than a month, you would think that they would know by now.
  9. Can you ask the crew or any staff member if the Apex is going to do the Transatlantic cruise with passengers ? There is a lot of talk about 14 days quarantine needed before arriving in USA.
  10. I am on November 4 Apex cruise, waiting to see if the TA is canceled
  11. What ship will she be going to ?
  12. We really enjoy Oceania and specialty comp dining rooms. I have been on 12 different cruise lines ( including luxury lines ) and I think Oceania has best food at sea. We always take the OBC to use for drinks.
  13. I have over 1600 points but will never make Zenith. A extra perk lounge would be nice.
  14. There are too many Eites, Elite Plus and Zeniths to have in one venue. They could keep the Elite happy hour in all bars and have a separate venue for Elite Plus and Zenith.
  15. I know Elite and above still have happy hour at all bars but was the sky lounge still open for Elite happy hour ?
  16. My November 4th cruise was booked in Jan.2020. Sure hope it sails ! Just made final payment.
  17. We sail on Aug 27th. Do you have many children on board ?
  18. Many of us are in the same position. We had our cabins changed also for Alaska cruise later this month. We will go and enjoy.
  19. I just received email for my August Millennium cruise to Alaska
  20. I wonder what will happen to the Eclipse prior to the May Hawaii cruise ? Hopefully it will be cruise on the West Coast.
  21. Will USA passengers be allowed on Southampton sailings ?
  22. So frustrating with airline changes right now. I have 8 flights booked with Alaska Airlines this summer and fall, 7 of the flights have been changed or cancelled. Alaska is still my favorite airline and I do feel for the phone agents that have to deal with all these changes and unhappy passengers.
  23. So excited to know that the Millennium is sailing out of Seattle today for her first Alaska cruise. I will be doing this cruise next month. It will be my 8th Alaska cruise and I am still excited to be cruising again after a year and a half. Hope someone on board will share with us.
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