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  1. Actually, the CDC states that all port personnel, passengers and crew must be vaccinated.
  2. We booked an obstructed view veranda cabin once and wouldn't again. It took away something we realized that we absolutely love, which are the beautiful views at sea and when pulling into or away from port. It's not much more money to have a non-obstructed view. I wouldn't recommend one.
  3. I'm thinking that it is too early to speculate anything. The CDC is pointing fingers away from themselves regarding the Conditional Sailing Order when they are the only entity that closed cruising down and have control to make changes. There are so many factors to consider. Personally, I have 2 cruises booked in 2022, and am hoping HARD that cruises do get going toward the end of 2021 and that I might be able to grab a last minute deal. I'm not booking anything for 2021 in advance, though. That's just me, but I am truly unsure if cruises will be a thing in 2021, unfortunately.
  4. Yes, definitely! In fact, I would prefer if the cruise lines required everyone to be vaccinated against COVID. It would make me feel more at ease knowing that everyone around me has received the most protection available.
  5. First we have to be able to embark. This could be another year or more away. I'll pay attention to the policies when cruising is finally a reality.
  6. I booked a veranda cabin for Rotterdam's 150th Anniversary transatlantic cruise departing 10/15/2022 a few days ago under this promo and was surprised to see a $50 per person onboard credit on my confirmation email. Who knew? I'll take it! 😁
  7. He made a lot of cutbacks at HAL. Best of luck to Azamara.
  8. Hi Jacqui: DH and I have just booked the 10/15/2022 15 night 150th Anniversary Transatlantic cruise on the Rotterdam. To say we are excited is an understatement! Can you please add us to the list when time allows? Thanks! Annie
  9. If shore excursions must be taken via the cruise line's offerings, hopefully there will be more choices. The shore excursions for most ports have always seemed somewhat limited. Sometimes there are only 4 or 5 offered, including those private vehicle tours with the exorbitant prices.
  10. Alaska has a governor who has basically ignored the pandemic and has left it up to municipalities to create their own mandates, and most of them have not bothered. Most cities and villages are facing health care challenges, especially for those who need to travel to a higher level of care. Canada is aware of all of this. Alaska does not have the virus under control. I seriously doubt that there will be an Alaska tourism season in 2021, unfortunately.
  11. Can you share the list? My Googling skills do not seem to be as good as yours. I can't find it.
  12. I called HAL a little while ago about this. There is a Hawaii cruise we've been looking at, and online it appears as though the BOGO applies. When I called HAL I was told that it is only for select Alaska, Europe, Caribbean and Mexico cruises. Well, if that is so, then they need to remove the verbiage regarding the BOGO from the itineraries that are not included. Oh wait - This is HAL's IT department we're talking about here... 🤣🤣🤣 Then she asked me if I might want to consider an Alaska cruise and I told her that I was try to get OUT!🤣
  13. This is a developing story: https://www.krbd.org/2020/12/05/officials-recommend-evacuations-for-low-lying-areas-along-ketchikan-creek/ The area has had even more rainfall than they are accustomed to. Haines suffered a massive mudslide 2 days ago. Homes were washed away, there were several deaths, and at last report, 2 people were still missing. What an awful time for the people of Southeast Alaska.
  14. Hi Jacqui: Even though I 'said' I wouldn't book another cruise until later - when they are active for US passengers again - the addict in me saw a deal I couldn't refuse a couple of days ago and *BOOM* *BOOKED*!😁 Please add me to the Westerdam's 17 night Inca & Panama Canal Discovery cruise departing Santiago, Chile on March 18, 2022. YAY! After 5 cancelled cruises, I am hoping that that this 6th one is the charm. Cheers, Annie
  15. I was charged for the "upgrade" from veranda to Vista Suite for the new itinerary that is 2 days shorter than the original itinerary on Zuiderdam. Cancelled!
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