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  1. Now that the pass is available on line, we found it less expensive than on the ship the first day. For instance, our 16 night cruise on Zuiderdam in April/May, 2019 - Online the 14 + day pass was $429. On board they were charging $515. We have another 16 night cruise coming up and are definitely going to pre-purchase the pass. It is listed again as $429 for 14+ days. This is on Westerdam.
  2. OP, I was a bit taken aback when I read that your PCC wouldn't do business with you via email. You see, I'm deaf. I have cochlear implants, but they are far inferior to natural hearing and I really struggle on the phone. I always prefer email. If anyone were to tell me that, I'd get upset. My HAL PCC is an amazing guy. He has never hesitated to work with me via email and is very patient with me during the occasional call, like when I am giving him my credit card number. I will not email that to anyone. I hope you get someone new... There are some awesome people working at HAL.
  3. I personally love trains. I also do not want to drive myself around. This train has an interesting history, as it was actually for prisoner transportation. It would be a special experience.
  4. Check your favorite airline for mileage tickets. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska and am able to get all the way from here to Buenos Aires for 30,000 miles + $19 using my Alaska Airlines miles. These flights are routed through Seattle, then either LAX or DFW, and on to EZE. I've had to use 40,000 miles just to get from Fairbanks to San Francisco before. Crazy!
  5. Following, as I am interested in this tour during our Westerdam cruise in November, 2020. The ship offers this at $169 and Viator offers it at $91 - a big difference! Viator does state that cruise ship pick ups are not available for this tour, but I am wondering if taxis are safe in this part of Argentina?
  6. I live in Fairbanks. We have only one year 'round major airline, and that is Alaska Airlines. Fairbanks and Anchorage are quite different from each other. As a Fairbanksan, I am biased. I love the small town feel of Fairbanks and the fact that I can be anywhere in town and be OUT of town in five minutes. The traffic in Anchorage is horrific. Honestly, there are many things to do in both locations, but your question is really hard to answer not knowing what your real interests are. I do have a suggestion, and that is to debark your ship in Whittier, then go to Anchorage for the day. The following day, come to Fairbanks either via rental car, the train, a cruise tour, or airplane (in-state tickets between ANC-FAI are not very expensive/a 40 minute flight on either Alaska or Ravn). Whatever you decide, enjoy!
  7. RCI used to be our favorite until 2007 when we had many, many issues on a Brilliance of the Seas Transatlantic sailing. We haven't been back. Royal turned in a very different direction and it did not fit our needs or desires anymore.
  8. Actually, that building is still very much in use. In fact, nearly the whole town lives inside of it. It even houses the school and post office. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begich_Towers
  9. Can a person book Costco shore excursions if they booked their cruise directly with HAL?
  10. What a story! I'm glad that your wife is okay. You should submit the medical charges to your insurance for reimbursement. I had to do this once and there were no issues whatsoever. I hope that your next cruise goes off without a hitch!
  11. When we were on Zuiderdam in April/May, they closed the thermal suite at 10 PM every night.
  12. You can either feed the slot machines cash or charge to your cabin. Easy peasy! Enjoy your cruise on Zuiderdam. We had a great time on her eastbound TA in April/May.
  13. Hi Dr. Dobro! DH and I are on the final portion of your cruise from Yokohama to Vancouver. I notice that you say May 11th is debarkation day, but it is actually on May 10th, according to my confirmation email. I just wanted to chime in just in case this is NOT a typo. The worst that could happen for you is you'd have to catch your flight from Vancouver a day later. Cheers!
  14. I think they are simply overwhelmed at the Mariner desk. I have major hearing problems and waited 3 weeks for a reply from them. Finally, I called, got through it, and my issue was fixed in about 30 seconds. I'm not sure why they haven't replied. Just call them if you are able to. 800-547-9139.
  15. I contacted my PCC this morning. I have 2 cruises booked. The first is on the Westerdam in April, 16 nights from Yokohama to Vancouver, verandah cabin. We had to pay an additional $85 per person for the fare, but gained $232 per person on the pre-paid grats. It's a win! The second cruise, also on the Westerdam, did not work out for this promo. I have loads of extras for that cruise already, so I really don't mind.
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