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  1. Back when passenger talent shows were a thing, we really enjoyed them! I remember specifically an older gentleman playing his trumpet like a wild man with the ship's orchestra. Everyone in the audience was on their feet dancing, and you could tell that this man was a pro. He was absolutely AMAZING and we will never forget it. On a different cruise we saw a 12 year old girl yodeling like a professional, and it was an outstanding performance! She was funny, engaged the audience, and proved to me personally that I really do enjoy yodeling! (She did it so well!) Who knew?! Again the audience went nuts with applause. She was also backed by the ship's orchestra. The cruise lines need to bring back the orchestras and the talent shows. It was sad when they restricted the participants to a few different karaoke tunes. They really went downhill from there. You never know what skills and talents the passengers may bring on board. I miss these days, for sure!
  2. Exactly. How will they know that my husband and I are sitting beside each other at the pool and that we are not two random people? And I'm deaf... Will this monitor thingie make announcements until I comply with what I cannot hear, irritating everyone around me? It's all very interesting, but more information needs to be shared with the public on how it will all work.
  3. Your June 6, 2021 is a seven night itinerary to Norway: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/E1N07Q/J139.html
  4. I am getting both Have It All and Private Fare (without any inclusions) rates when I log into my HAL account. The Private Fare is super high, too. This is just a cruise that I will not go on, I guess. 🤣
  5. Nope - The Have It All is the current promotion. Even if they included air, the fares would still be too high.
  6. NS has some really great new itineraries for summer 2021. But WHOA are they ever expensive. I was looking at the British Isles cruise, but I will not pay those prices.
  7. I am aching to cruise. My husband and I miss it so much. We've had 4 cruises cancelled, and with the last one, I transferred my Future Cruise Deposit to a transatlantic sailing in November, 2021, in hopes that we will really get to go this time. I am still working and am burned out completely, but since I am working from home in my PJs most days, I really shouldn't complain. I'm truly grateful to be employed in a great job. My leave bank is busting at the seams. I will continue to dream of my upcoming cruise and look at videos, watch Dream Cruises and look at old pictures, and new itineraries.... Someday we will get to cruise again. My fingers are crossed bigly for that.
  8. I'm deaf, too, and have cochlear implants. While they are pretty great and I have a lot of my life back after sudden, total hearing loss 8 years ago, they are far from perfect. Any sound coming over a speaker is really hard for me, and most times I do not understand what is being said in that circumstance. This would be really difficult for me, too. Perhaps the elevator technology could also have a monitor stating what is being said?
  9. The special runs through September 9th.
  10. This is exactly why I haven't purchased any gift cards since the pandemic started. I am afraid of losing my money. I hope you are able to redeem these, beef8066!
  11. It says, "...through December 15th", so yes - 12/15/2020 is included.
  12. We do a mix of going out on our own, ship sponsored tours, and private tours. This wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but if there was not a shorex that I cared for, I'd just stay on the ship. We revisit ports frequently, so possibly just getting off at the new ports via ship excursion would work for us in the beginning. It wouldn't work forever, though... We want to go back to St. Petersburg, Russia, but the ship tours are so expensive and not nearly as good as private tours are.
  13. Hi kazu: I cancelled the November 13, 2020 South America cruise on Westerdam yesterday. It's not going to happen, unfortunately, and I didn't want to make final payment on a dream. 😢 In it's place I booked the Zuiderdam 17 night Spanish Farewell from Barcelona on November 10, 2021. Thank you.
  14. I've had 3 cruises cancelled by HAL so far, and each of those remained in my profile until the actual sail date. I cancelled a South America cruise for November, 2020 yesterday on my own, knowing that it is not going to happen and not wanting to make final payment. It disappeared from my profile right away.
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