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  1. Carnival will not be going anywhere anytime soon. That letter was really eye opening. I wonder if they'll comply.
  2. The information provided in this video is very good with one exception - The doctor's note for travel fitness for those 70 and older. That was scrapped in early April as I recall.
  3. I have a booking in November, 2020 that was made a year ago, but I am pretty sure it will be cancelled. As someone who has already had 3 cruises cancelled out from underneath me, I will not make any new reservations until I see that cruising has begun in ernest again. I'm not talking about seeing itineraries that are in the works - I am saying that I will not book until cruising is real. Maybe after a few months of sailings, once the kinks are worked out, I might consider giving HAL more of my money. Right now they are only selling dreams.
  4. Is it possible to cut and paste the article here? I am not subscribed to WSJ.
  5. I seriously doubt that cruising will be happening anytime soon. Possibly late 2021, but at this time scientists are assuming that life will get back to "normal' in 2022. The virus is not able to be controlled, people are dying by the tens of thousands all over the world, there is no cure nor vaccine, ports are closed to outsiders everywhere (including Canada and Alaska). I hope you are able to get your money back. Then there is NCL's arrogance, which is not going to help them in getting permissions to cruise to/from US ports anytime soon: https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/05/articles/disease/ridiculously-overcrowded-norwegian-escape-sails-to-miami/?fbclid=IwAR1WECR0gke4MbxntKhgsqK620PM3wknxbJrzUbgmW7j0SHhWtvvikdUhic
  6. We have been booked on a Westerdam sailing in South America for November, 2020 for a year via FCD while were were on Zuiderdam. At this point, I honestly don't think any cruises will be happening in South America, or anywhere else, in 2020. We haven't put any other monies into the SA cruise, as 3 cruises have been cancelled out from underneath us because of COVID already. Our plan is to cancel the cruise at final payment time in August if HAL hasn't cancelled. We have flights from Fairbanks to Buenos Aires already, so IF the world happens to open up and IF cruising becomes a reality again before November, we will book the cruise again last minute. We can cancel our flights any time before the cruise date. They're mileage tickets. 30,000 Alaska Airlines miles + $19 per person. From the top of the world to the bottom. The deal of the century! 😂 I cannot see giving HAL anymore of my money right now with so much uncertainty in the travel industry.
  7. IMHO, these policies were written by someone who works in the office and has not been on many cruises. These policies are ambitious, but not based in reality. Some of them are workable, but IMHO, this is a knee jerk reaction. Why, once the pandemic is over, a cure is found and a vaccine is available, should housekeeping be required to wear face masks and disposable outer garments? That is just one example. Yes, there are some good items on this list of changes, but then again, I believe many will be omitted prior to Genting's final approach back into the cruising business.
  8. It's unfortunate, but needed to happen. 😔
  9. https://www.kinyradio.com/news/news-of-the-north/report-port-of-seattle-suspends-2020-alaska-cruise-season-indefinitely/
  10. Not only is Canada locked down, but Alaska is now requiring a 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving from anywhere out of state. There is currently no end date to this mandate.
  11. Alaska is much like the rest of the world right now. In addition to the quarantine mandate for anyone coming into Alaska, many of the tribal governments here have requested no visitors within their villages. They do not have medical facilities to accommodate the COVID-19 situation. Many villages only have a health aid, and some do not have any type of medical clinic at all. I fear for the population of Alaska.
  12. Hot off the press: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2020/03/24/state-to-require-all-travelers-arriving-in-alaska-to-self-quarantine-number-of-confirmed-cases-reaches-36/ So far, there is no end date.
  13. It was showing for me, then the cabins showed as not available.
  14. Take a look at the terms & conditions in post # 12.
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