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  1. I've lived in Fairbanks since 1984 and cannot recall seeing northern lights at that time of year as there is daylight almost around the clock. Of course, the closer to June you get, the more hours of daylight there are. I would plan on doing something else, for sure.
  2. Just call them. Don't wait for a reply. After waiting for over 3 weeks for a response to my inquiry about the lack of suite credits in my history for my transatlantic on Zuiderdam in April/May, I called them. They had the suite credits applied in 30 seconds. It was super easy.
  3. This! Restaurants all over the world state one fish and serve another. It's a thing! Check out this article:https://www.wired.com/story/the-fish-on-your-plate-may-not-be-what-you-ordered/ Halibut is my very favorite! We've been served something else many times... One time (I forget which ship we were on), they even served our "halibut" and kept insisting it was halibut! Hello - The meat of the fish they gave us was a pale YELLOW color, small muscle layers. NOT halibut. The waiter kept insisting that it was, and I actually think it was due to lack of training and felt sorry for the guy - They take the chefs' word for it. As an Alaskan, I know my halibut and this kind of thing is ridiculous. I love grouper, too! I've been served something else in its place in Florida (where there is plenty of grouper!) and it just sends me over the edge. Sorry for the rant, but fish fraud is ridiculous. Grrrrr...
  4. Hi Silver - What really irks me is when they try to pass off one type of fish for another. I LOVE sea bass and was looking forward to this. So nah, I am not going to bother. Like I said, we didn't enjoy Canaletto the first time around. I wasn't aware that you are able to order more than one entrée. Thanks for letting me know! The menu suggests that one entrée is for two people, and the server also mentioned this when we were looking over our menus. Actually, this would have been our third time in Cantaletto. The first time we tried it was on our first HAL cruise in 2011... We were on Statendam and Canaletto was free for everyone at that time. Dinner was just blah. So this was 3 for 3 of a ho-hum, never mind experience for us.
  5. My PCC is amazing. He is thoughtful, efficient, knowledgeable and kind. I couldn't ask for better service. He digs around for promos for us and has surprised us a few times. Price drops? No problem! HAL has been very good to us.
  6. DH and I were given a complimentary dinner in Canaletto on our Zuiderdam Transatlantic cruise in April/May. We'd not been impressed with the venue when we'd tried it a couple of years prior, but since this one was free, we decided to give it a go. We did not enjoy it. The flavors of the food were only okay, but our shared sea bass entrée (large plate to share) was so miniscule that it would have easily passed for an appetizer for one in the MD. The fish was dry, and I can say that it was NOT sea bass. We felt like this "dinner" would have passed better as tapas. We ate early, at 6 PM. When 9 PM rolled around, we were both hungry again and ordered sandwiches from room service. If HAL gives us another one of these complimentary dinners, well - No, thank you.
  7. Flights are anywhere from $225 to $465. Here's the website: https://www.flyk2.com/ You'd have to get to Talkeetna for the flight and I have no idea of the cost. Sorry about that. You can give K2 a call and see if they have some ideas.
  8. Contact K2 Aviation in Talkeetna. They have a lot of experience with Denali. Great company.
  9. I've been having the same problem as the OP. I have 2 cruises booked and just need to see the final payment dates, which are located in the payment section. Luckily I have plenty of time, as my next cruises are in April, 2020 and November, 2020. I will just have to keep waiting... It's frustrating.
  10. If you are waiting for a reply regarding a Private Sale, by all means, pick up the phone and call them. These are usually pretty good sales and I am betting that any agent can't help you with the information you are seeking.
  11. Well, as a person who is 100% deaf, I don't really think this is a good idea. I wrote to the Mariner Society about some missing suite day credits just over 3 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. This will certainly not stop me from wanting to sail on HAL again. It really is okay, as it is not an emergent need. Is your situation emergent?
  12. I did pay the published fare. It just happened to be lower than the verandah cabin that I originally booked. They also gave me a few other things, like a dinner at the Pinnacle and a future cruise credit. I called HAL and asked for the switch once I saw that the price for the SS had dropped significantly. They did not simply upgrade me at their convenience.
  13. Actually, I did upgrade from a verandah to a signature suite on my last cruise - same as the cruise before that. I got my suite credits for the one before, and I expect to get them for this latest one, too. I'd be interested to see HAL's policy on this. The only thing I've read about it is that suites get an extra credit per sailing day. Edited to say thank you for the number!
  14. I had trouble logging in yesterday and today, and when I finally did get in I wasn't able to access the "Manage My Payments" portion of the site. I'll just have to wait until they are ready to do business, I suppose.
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