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  1. there was a health screening for those folks when they got off the plane. Just heard from my parents again!
  2. Thanks for the post. I’m pretty sure my parents were on that flight and I hadn’t heard anything from them in almost 24 hours. This explains why.
  3. My parents are US citizens who are still in Cambodia, but got a call today from their county health department saying that they had been notified that my parents were recently in China and wanted to followup on potential Coronavirus exposure or being positive. Since my parents are in the hotel in Phnom Penh, they are not at home and have been tested but it does look like local health departments in the US are contacting cruise guests.
  4. I saw comments about what sort of testing was done at the hotel in Cambodia. It was a nasal swab. My parents are the ones in the hotel and described what was done. It was far more than a temperature check at the hotel. That’s the test the 400+ people had and all came back negative.
  5. they specifically mentioned being swabbed. That’s about all I know.
  6. Everyone in the hotel has been given a full health check and had a CV19 test performed. They were told this morning that they could not leave their rooms until the check was done. At the check, they were given masks to wear and told to have it on at all times. That’s what I know at this time.
  7. My parents and others are a (multiple?) hotels in Cambodia. They spent a day at the Phnom Penh airport in a holding area on the 15th with other passengers and were taken from there to the hotel.
  8. Ive been following the Westerdam hashtag pretty closely on Twitter. There’s definitely a group that has flown commercial out of Kula Lumpur on the 14th and perhaps early on the 15th. My parents got to Phnom Penh around 10am and spent the day trying to get on a charter flight or even a commercial flight on their own money and were turned down at every corner. Their statement was that there were “lots of people still at the hotel”. I’m betting there are even more still sitting in Kula Lumpur.
  9. Based on what my parents are saying the flights from Cambodia to Malaysia were all chartered flights. Multiple of them got canceled yesterday leaving some on the ship and some in hotels in Phnom Penh. Passengers were kept in a holding area even until Kula Lumpur so there hasn’t been nearly the chance to spread the virus that some are suggesting.
  10. You are better off than my parents! They departed Westerdam at 6am or so and are still in the Phnom Pehn airport. They’ve had all of their flights to Kula Lumpur get canceled. My dad tried going rouge and booking his own tickets in Korean air home but he can’t get to a ticketing agent to talk to someone. Someone local from HAL told him that he will likely be sleeping in the airport tonight.
  11. Quoting myself here. Based on what HAL has said, my dad and I are trying to figure out to do with their flights from Bangkok to Seoul to home on Delta. Cancel? No show? Try to catch the connector in Seoul?
  12. This is what my dad (who is on Westerdam) just said: we just heard from the captain to sit tight and be ready to go when we receive our individual travel information delivered to our room. We are just arriving in Cambodia.
  13. Another Westerdam related update: my parents are on the ship and I just called Delta to rearrange their flights. I was honest with the agent and said they had been in HK on 1-31 and 2-1 before boarding the ship. Delta checked specifically to see if there would be issues with them flying through Korea and there were none. They are able to fly home the day they get off the ship, with a layover in Korea, straight to their destination city.
  14. I’m wondering if they are arriving “next week” to have the ship sailing through the entire 14 day incubation period of the virus. So the goal would be to go somewhere far enough away but not too far.
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