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  1. MalervyC

    Grand Stirrup Cay...shade?

    Or get a cabana...it was an amazing experience! No rushing to get a good spot, no one in front of you, shade and a ceiling fan. Best thing we did on our cruise!
  2. MalervyC

    Escape adult only pool

    I don't recall an adults only pool on the Escape. The Spice H2O water feature is the grotto, but you cannot swim there.
  3. Let me just say that wow - you are brave for going through all of that. I did not have the same gruesome experience on the Gem in May, but I did get a chest cold and had a very difficult time breathing. It was the first time I have ever needed medical care (knock on wood) while on vacation. DH and I decided to get trip insurance through Allianz due to his multiple back issues this year. We wanted to cover ourselves "just in case". We spent $150 for the both of us - and my total medical bill on the Gem was almost $400. When we got home, I submitted everything online to Allianz and within 2 weeks I had a FULL reimbursement check in my hand. I was shocked and happy it was that easy. I will ALWAYS get insurance now, because as many here said - you just never know!
  4. Hi!! We are at Moderno the first night 5/20, reservations at 5:30pm. Like I said we loved the Moderno on Escape, so much that DH and I booked it twice on that sailing! On the Gem it was a disappointment - but it won't stop us from booking NCL again! So far no reimbursement yet but I am calling every day! First time ever having to actually use trip insurance and I'm hoping it works out! Sent from my iPhone using Forums