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  1. My mum is in her 90's and hates the extra hour of daylight cause it fades here curtains and the cow's don't know when to come home.😇
  2. Connecting cabins would be our last choice . I don't understand why people would recommend them , maybe they will change there mind when they get some noisy neighbors 😇
  3. Hi if I do a solo what is the maximum discount I could receive? We are D+ on 380 points , is a balcony discount included? Thanks 🙂
  4. Will report abuse!! Respond to others quote....
  5. Have asked about the few good two tops always not available 🙄 seem to always get sided with a extra large person bumping elbows as we try to eat . My wife is 3 feet away on the other side ! Romantic Not. Have had people think they are Maxwell smart in the Cone of Silence .😆 😆😆
  6. Traditional for us , no line-up , table ready same server's .Those twin tables are too close for me .Always have a chuckle at the big line up at MTD 🤣
  7. Okey dokey you could purchase a second hand Rolex watch too on many ship's too ... Do you shop Wal-Mart often ...?
  8. Not ! Yo love something l and had a opinion. 🙂
  9. I toast a bagel and maybe some cheese, smoked salmon onion and those salty little critters. Campers? Just do not get sweet sugar syrup on pancakes waffles and thin bacon and eggs. 🙃 mostly I skip and wait for lunch .
  10. We got a table in winjammers for breakfast that had ocean views and was next to the bar there was a constant que of people getting their special drink ...and it was not freshly squeezed OJ .
  11. and join your roll call that is people that are on your cruise you can chat with and organise cheap tour's with.🙂
  12. Welcome too . Part of the journey is getting there 😊 Seeing you are just starting, no you do not need to spend extra on a dinning package , there was a time that there was only the Main Dining room and the staff are fantastic. That's what got me addicted so be warned 🙂
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