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  1. 4 hours ago, taglovestocruise said:

    At a minimum find a TA that gives gratuities as a perk, that alone is worth close to $1000.00. 

    i normally get obc for about 7 to 10 per cent of rate mnus the port fees . i know discussing specific company is not ok  but as a rule is that less than some ta could do   and no specific  company but a genral question . i can research myself   thanks for your help as well

  2. 18 hours ago, JohninDC said:

    Taxi will be about $15-17+tip each way.  Current fares to Sanchos and other popular tourist spots will be posted on a board near the cab line.  The base fare covers up to 4 passengers sharing the cab, so pair up with others from your roll call (or just announce your destination to the line of waiting passengers) and save $$ for more margaritas. 😎


    Cabs on Cozumel are fairly well regulated (especially compared to the crooks in Philadelphia! 🤬), but it never hurts to verify the fare with the driver BEFORE your get into the cab. Small bills are another help - cab drivers all over the world never have any change when you pull out $20 bills.


  3. me and my wife will be at the royal caribbean cruise port in cozumel on  10/8  .we booked mr sanchos for the day . i am looking for the cheapest transportation to and from    thanks for any advice 


  4. 13 hours ago, Texas Tillie said:


    When you say shuttle service, do you mean between the hotel and the airport, then almost all; if you mean between the hotel and the port, then none. It is over 40 miles from Hobby to the port.

    sorry i was not specific i will get galveston express to the port from the hotel and from the port  to the airport

  5. 47 minutes ago, Eldaph said:

    Please report back on your dinner!, we going on a tour in the morning then planning going to Barefoot for dinner as well.  Have a great time:)

    will do 

  6. thanks for your advise  hatteras 51   . i just booked  a 4.5 hr island tour with abc  that does in fact include  natural pool . that gives us a chance to shop . the wife always likes to collect those alex and ani bracelets  that are unique to the port we visiting. so this give us time to get cleaned up , shop and still make it to dinner for our sunset dinner at barefoots .  AND most importantly not be too tired to enjoy the port   .  great advise  thanks again

  7. 1 minute ago, cb at sea said:

    The majority of "shops" might be closed by the time you get back....not a huge issue, because there is little in Aruba that can't be bought online nowadays.  I don't know where your excursion ends in relation to your dinner reservation....you can google that, tho!  Lots of online maps!


    thanks i will try google map


  8. i will be on the navigator of the seas stopping at aruba april second from   8 am to 1159 pm.  i am looking at abc tours for an 9.5 hour tour starting at 830. we do not want to missing  shopping .  does any know what time the shops closes . i am also looking for an interactive map to get around and still hit my 6pm reservation at barefoot restuarant Any help would be great   thanks in advance 

  9. 16 minutes ago, Purplsmurf said:

    The Dutch Pancake House is at the Renaissance Marketplace (same side of street as cruise port). It is within walking distance from the port and delicious! Also, the closest restaurant to the cruiseport for sunset dining would be Barefoot. We have been going to Aruba for 20+ years and it is by far our favorite restaurant. We were actually just there last week and going again in 3 weeks! The only thing is that it’s not really within walking distance. It’s about 1 1/2 miles so I guess you couldthanks again walk there and take a taxi back. A taxi ride would be reasonable. Not sure when you are going so I would check to see what time sunset is at the time you will be there and make a reservation based on that. When we went last week sunset was about 6:30 ish and we were there at 6. When we go in 3 weeks sunset is at 6:50 so we are going at 6:15. There are tables in the sand on the beach and also covered tables, but some are right at the edge so great tables! You can make a reservation on their website. It’s never too early to make it! It’s the only restaurant where you can see the beautiful sunset, watch a plane come in and see a cruise ship leave...if you’re lucky. We were fortunate to see it on our last visit there. If I knew how to put a picture on here I would! If you decide to go I hope you love it as much as we do! Have a great trip!

    thanks for your response  the restaurant is name barefoot  i will look into that 


  10. On 8/20/2018 at 4:36 PM, Hatteras51 said:



    Ok, Todd. First of all, I'm not the one who started this post that mentioned that Amsterdam Manor isn't allowing cruisers to rent chairs and palapas any more, so don't go calling me out until you check the posts. Another poster started this thread and said that they actually contacted them and were told that they no longer rented. I just mentioned that not all of the resort restaurants allow outsiders to eat there, which include Divi All Inclusive and Tarmarjin. Also, Bucuti doesn't serve anyone at their bar that isn't one of their guests. This is why I mentioned that cruisers go to the places that I mentioned, so they can get everything they need.


    I own a timeshare in Aruba and I try to help people on this board in a very courteous manor. However, even though I did not mention the change at Amsterdam Manor in this thread, I do happen to know that the poster is indeed correct. Amsterdam Manor has a new manager, and just stopped allowing cruisers this summer. So get your facts straight before you go blasting people who didn't say something and are just trying to be helpful. :confused:By the way, I'm not a bro.

    sorry to change the topic   but this is my 1st and likely only trip to aruba and would love to get your advise   plzzzzzzz  i am looking fora nice sunset dinner with me feet in the ocean that is walking  distance from the cruise port . we dock at 8 am and depart 1159. we would also like to walk to a dutch pancake house for breakfast.any  advise or help would be helpful. fyi we have no mobility issues  . any  suggestion on must see things would also be nice . i know this is a lot but really what this port to be epic     thanks again.

  11. It's very hard to follow anecdotal reports because so many people are unable/incapable of providing complete and accurate details about things when they post such information, like dates and who they spoke with, what they asked, any specific circumstances they used as reasons, or what they actually had to buy or provide or when their cruise was, etc.


    I have recently seen claims that people have recently been able to purchase just one Deluxe Beverage Package and no other package for the other drinking age people in the same cabin, by calling and speaking to an agent about it. Rarely do you see much more than that so I can't vouch for it.


    I've seen first-hand how people abuse it, sharing drinks. But really there's no reason that that won't still happen, just maybe with someone not in your cabin. So either you're the sort who'll be honest about or you're a liar, cheat and a drink whore who thinks rules are for everyone else, or exceptions to rules when it's convenient to do so are fine. :) I do think Royal Could have easily found a better way to deal with their worries of beverage package abuse, but what's their incentive? Less revenue or more revenue? So no surprise to see the direction they choose.

    I called the crwon and anchor number before my spring break liberty and explained thta my wife had bariatics surgery. Iwas required to submit a doctors letter explaining she could not drink carbonated drinks or alchol. we submitted the paperworking the dr provided and rccl made no requires of us to buy anything for her and i paid them immediately on the phone for the deluxe package . we did buy the cafr cofffee card because she was able to drink coffee . hope that helps . fyi on the summer cruise i paid for the royal refreshment for her and i got the deluxe package with the c&a department with no questions asked futher than how would you like to pay for that LOL
  12. Oasis is a lovely ship and I am confident that you will enjoy your cruise. I don't usually buy a drinks package so don't feel that you are obliged to. Just pay for the individual drinks.


    I have not found a problem with sales people while on board the ship so best not to worry about them. Most of the food and entertainment is free so I don't believe you will get any surprises with unexpected charges.

    iI cruised last april right after my wife had bariatic surgery . her diet restricted surgary drinks and carbonation . i submitted a doctors statemnt explaining her situation and they absolutely let me get the drink package and she wasnt rquired to buy anything. you just have to politly request escalation . the next cruise she had less limitation so i was ok with her getting the refreshment package . just ask for their supervisor and i am sure with a note justifying your situation THEY WILL ACCOMONDATE GOODLUCK that is a great ship . but a word of caution be prepared to pay for it with the person who ok the arrangement immediately

    rd of cauation

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