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  1. That's strange. Normally, CCL is much cheaper, but there is an extra day involved with the Carnival Liberty. Personally, I really like NCL and freestyle cruising, but Carnival's pricing keeps me coming back to them. Do you mind telling us the ports for both destinations since you said you wanted to go Carnival because of them? From my experience, Eastern Caribbean is nicer than the Western side and since you've never gone to the Eastern side, it'd be a nice change of scenery. I will say that I prefer NCL's food and ships better, and at $100 cheaper with a porthole, you have to think about what you prefer more, the ship or the itinerary.
  2. I went on the Dream this past summer out of Port Canaveral. The concerns about crowding are legitimate during the busy times like noon and dinnertime, especially near the Mongolian Wok buffet station. It's a beautiful ship, though! I'm sure you'll have fun.
  3. I just had her as CD on the Dream. Great CD, I can see why they might want her on the Sunshine, their "new" ship
  4. But he quoted the OP whose post was in 2009. There probably wasn't as much information back then.
  5. I think it's somewhere around 10 if you're doing self-assist, but if you are giving them the bags, it might be earlier
  6. Book with a TA. Check-in can be done when you get there.
  7. I think it depends on which day/port you are forced to miss. Last year, my Carnival Legend cruise was affected by Hurricane Isaac. We missed Belize and the remaining three ports were switched to different days than originally planned to make room for all the ships that are being rerouted to safe ports. In your case, really tough to say. Can never really predict the weather.
  8. I don't remember when, but I remember reading a review that said the dining room is open for lunch on embarkation day. I never experienced this, but maybe that was a special cruise.
  9. Thanks, I'll be looking out for the card. Hopefully, the cruise/airfare won't go up by then.
  10. I applied for a Mastercard, and was accepted. Then, I accidentally closed the tab, so all I know is that I was accepted for the Mastercard. For those that have signed up for the Mastercard via the Carnival website and was immediately accepted : did the screen say anything else? Did it include the card number? I'm looking to book a cruise now, so I wanted to use it now. If not, how long does the card take to get to my house?
  11. I personally loved Guy's Burgers, not so big on the fries. Hasbro Game Show was terrible though.
  12. But that's only on the newer ships. Magic/Breeze, not even the Dream
  13. It's a balcony that's closer to the water on deck 2, I believe. It's a new type of room found in Dream-class ships. Other posters probably have some photos.
  14. Hmmm, maybe it was something about the newer ships that I read. Probably the Magic/Breeze that have less bling.
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