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  1. There are luggage storage places around the CBD (google comes up with a couple). You don't want to be dragging your bags around all day. Drop them in a storage place and spend the day in Auckland. You'l want to collect your bags and head to the airport at about 3-330pm. That will give you plenty of time to get to the airport (should take about 30-40 minutes at that time of day).
  2. We did this a couple of weeks ago. As we had a couple of heavy suitcases, and it was evening, we got an Uber from the Airport to Hunter Street in the CBD. It was $50, the Uber arrived about 5 minutes after ordering (they tell you where to wait, it is the Priority Pick Up area, and is well signposted). The trip took longer than estimated, as congestion getting off the motorway was really bad (due to construction the driver said) - and this was about 9pm on a Saturday night. When we disembarked our cruise at the OPT, we checked our bags in (flying Virgin AU) at the terminal meaning we cold spend the day in Sydney without suitcases, and we caught the train to the airport from Wynyard later in the day. The Train is super easy, and probably the cheapest for two people from the CBD.
  3. Jumper = Jersey, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Cardigan. Anything to keep you warmer than a shirt would.
  4. You won't get to Coromandel in the time you have (it would take 90 minutes to get to Coromandel town by ferry, and they leave early in the morning, returning late at night). Waiheke, you will be fine. There are lots of sailings during the day. There is a fair bit to do there, it depends what you like doing though. Lots of wine, nice beaches, good scenery.
  5. This is probably a bit late for the OP, but for anyone else reading this: If you park in an Auckland Council carpark (and the closest is the Downtown Parking Building, just over the road from the port), it is $24 a day. However, if you 'lose' your ticket (that you collect on the way into the parking building) they will charge you $72 to get out, no matter how long you have been there.
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