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  1. Hi, For breakfast and lunch at the buffet, is it possible to eat outside ? TIA
  2. Thank You Can you please ask someone at bars or else if only one person (not both) can upgrade to premium package and how much for 7 days cruise ?
  3. You have the Drink On Us package and I have the same. May I ask a favor... Can you a someone if frozen drinks (pina colada, miami vice, etc) is included in your package ? also I imagines that both of you have Drink On Us, can you check if only one you can upgrade to Premium and how much ? Thank you in advance
  4. Sorry if I start a new topic from my previous one. I have DOU package and to have frozen drinks (foo foo drinks), I have to upgrade to Premium. That's good for me... If I upgraded before the cruise, MSC and others companies (Celebrity, NCL), request that both passengers have to go with it... With MSC, I'll save the 15% tips.... Don't remember about Celebrity and NCL. With NCL and Celebrity, if you do it on the ship, they accept to upgrade just one of the passengers but I have to add tips (15% or so) .... Is it the same with MSC (?
  5. HI, Does frozen drinks (pina colada, miami vice, etc...) are included in 'Drink On Us', Easy Package and Premium Package ? Is it possible to upgrade from DOU to EP before the cruise or during the cruise ? If I upgrade before cruise, I think both passagers have to upgrade. Is it the same if I upgrade during the cruise ? I know I have to pay 15% tips on DOU. Thanks
  6. Hi Is it better to upgrade from "Drink On Us" to "Premium" package before the cruise ? Do I save some money ? If I choose to take it before the cruise, do I have to pay right away or it will be charge on the ship ? Thanks in advance
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