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  1. Has anyone checked a bag with baby food in it onto a cruise? I’m sailing Royal Caribbean next week for a 7-day cruise and would like to bring some baby food pouches from home. Carrying them on along with the other 500 things I’m carrying on for my 10-month old will be pretty difficult, so I’d like to avoid it if the food is okay to be checked. It’s all shelf stable so it doesn’t need refrigeration or anything, and the pouches are in a box separate from the rest of the stuff in the suitcase (diapers, wipes, etc) to minimize the chance of them exploding.
  2. There are stairways up from 5 and down from 7. No stairways from 8 to boardwalk other than the main stairs by the elevators
  3. Ultimate flow rider includes instruction from staff, private flow rider does not. I believe the group lessons can have up to 8 people. Not sure about an age limit, I think they just go by the Flowrider’s height limit.
  4. Is there any way to improve the hard-as-a-rock beds on Allure besides packing my own mattress topper? I’ve read from some people that they stopped providing egg crate pads.
  5. On my upcoming Allure 7-night sailing, Duck a L’Orange is served on night 2. It’s on night 2 on a 7-night Symphony sailing as well. May vary on other ships.
  6. Does a jack and coke get charged at the same price as a shot of jack ($7)? Or does it get charged like a “classic cocktail” ($9.50)?
  7. How has the Main Dining Room food been in your opinion? Have you had anything this week that you wish you could order again? I’m gonna take a guess at all your night 2 dishes: Escargots Seasonal Fruit Medley Calamari Lobster Bisque Seafood Linguini Duck a L’orange Roasted Beef Tenderloin Carrot Cake Royal Cheesecake Cookies and Ice Cream
  8. Oh wow, I thought Wonderland was Alice in Wonderland themed and just had fancy presentation and unique food. I definitely don't think I'd want to dine there now that I know the waiter picks everything for you. DH and I each have a long list of foods we don't like or can't eat.
  9. If your ship is supported on the Royal Caribbean app, you can also link your account there and select your sailing in the app. Then you can view the planned MDR menus (as well as menus for all the other restaurants) ahead of time in the app.
  10. I updated a couple of days ago and there’s a new “BETA” chat bubble in the top right corner of the Royal Caribbean app. I really hope it’s working when we’re on the ship! OP, hope you have a fantastic cruise, we’re on the same itinerary in 2 weeks!
  11. I’m so excited about this! I sail on Allure two weeks from Sunday, hope it’s working then!
  12. I have no idea. They used to, then they changed up their website design and all the Royal Babies and Tots information went away except for the playgroups. Not sure if they’re wanting to phase it out, or if it’s just bad website design.
  13. The nursery is usually open 9am-noon and 2 or 3pm-midnight on sea days, and 9am-midnight on port days, but hours vary by ship.
  14. The nursery drop off has the $6-8/hr fee you are talking about. It’s offered for ages 6-36mos, and you do not have to remain with the child. There are also separate free activity sessions offered, but no childcare is provided in these cases and an adult must supervise the child.
  15. Thanks! That's a good tip as well! We've never been "group table" people and have always preferred our own table when possible. Hopefully with My Time Dining it won't be too hard to reserve a table just for the 3 of us, especially since we'll be dining pretty early to accommodate baby's 7:30pm bedtime.
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