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  1. Don’t forget If you travel through Canada. Many don’t realize if they have a DUI or other infraction and fly through there they can get detained. Knew of someone cruising in Europe and had a connection in Canada and missed their trip because of it.
  2. I think it is online account vs VIFP number πŸ™‚ don't worry after a few of these you will be a pro at it....or at least feel more comfortable. You can also go onto CCLs website to the manage VIFP Club and search by birthdate/name and then it will show you his VIFP number so you can make sure to get that added. Same with the kids if they have cruised...otherwise after the cruise they will have that as well. I have a little spreadsheet I keep with everyone's numbers for all he different lines for booking to help me keep them straight too.
  3. Assuming that when you booked again your travel agent did not put your husband's VIFP number on the cruise. We had this happen with my sister and just had to call to get the cruise(s) added afterwards or her number added before we left.
  4. Here they legalized gambling casinos and Hard Rock was on the list to put up a hotel and casino in the area. Then they banned smoking in casinos in this area and shortly after that Hard Rock pulled out of their contract and a different group came in to put up the Casino, and they yet to have been profitable enough to put in the hotel. To me that says that gambling and smoking does go hand and hand, I do not smoke and I do not gamble but my sister and mom both do and this last cruise both walked away with free cruises due to the amount of money spent/won in the casino that week. When I book trips I stick with 3 lines due to the smoking and smoking in the casino polices for them to want to go.
  5. We booked a balcony last minute across from a blank wall, sadly it was the storage area for our room steward and oh the noise. I felt really bad for my BIL who booked in the room right next to it to be close to us. Lots of banging of glasses, carts, etc. They were super nice but I will never make that mistake again...unless I really want to go last minute and that is what is left πŸ™‚
  6. There is one posted here now, for this cruise the formal nights are on the 2nd Night (first sea day) and San Juan (Wednesday)
  7. If you want to get one wait until you get on the ship. Yes they are higher than land but for me it is the part of my vacation that I am willing to splurge on. Normally they have specials on both sea and port days, and if they don't have one ask and many times they will make it work for you. I normally get the head to toe special and if I remember right it is 75 min and I have paid as low as $109 for that one plus tip. But, beware the upsell 😞 that can kill the experience and I always try to make sure they know I use their products, have tons of them, and don't need anything else πŸ™‚
  8. I have the sweet tooth 9 year old, that if she was with her sister and not me I am afraid of how much candy she would buy πŸ™‚.
  9. When I checked in for our cruise coming up in a few weeks when setting up the account for kids it allowed you to set spending limits. It was either no limit or you can enter in any dollar amount including $0. I just tested it and it allowed me to save $0 to one of the kids if I wanted that amount.
  10. The first cruise I talked my husband into going with me on was a prime example of the old system being broken. We had FTTF to help speed the process faster for him since I wanted him to have a great time. Well we check in and they could not find the keys, it took over and hour because she kept looking here and there and then back here. Finally I asked if they could just make new keys, after more looking she did. Great we get up to the ship and yep.....dong keys didn’t work. So another 15 or so minutes for them to fill out paperwork. Get in on the ship, go to guest services and they can do nothing until later. So no ordering drinks, going to room until close to sail away. So so for me the new process is much better. Yes that was the first time that had happened, it was my 4th cruise, but it did not help start the trip off in the best light for my DH who was a first time cruiser.
  11. You can always ask when you get onboard if they will move your youngest up into the Circle C program but depending on how close she is to her birthday, the number of kids on the ship, and the director of the kids camp they might say no. We had a similar situation this last summer on NCL when cruising to Alaska with girls in both programs and they would not allow the youngest to move up to be with her cousins. So the girls ended up just hanging out together and not participating in the teen program that trip. On Carnival they get a sticker on their keycard the first time they check in, so the youngest won't be able to go into the Circle C area or participate any the activities for them without that sticker. Hope they have a great time, sadly with the older one being 13 I doubt they will allow her to move down so just ask about the moving up when getting not he ship.
  12. Oh no, that is a horrible way to end a week with that type of news and I had thought the ones that posted the other one online might have been your family 😞 One of my fears is something happening while traveling and people not being able to get ahold of me. You guys are in my thought and prayers and I hope Tim and you are able to get through these tough times. Sorry to hear of your loss though, I can't imagine the pain your family is experiencing right now.
  13. We had one of the Family Harbor suites on the Vista and the kids loved how their bed area had the curtain πŸ™‚ and own TV to watch. The breakfast was great since it did have a good variety and I loved the Cappuccino machine, our suite was just a few doors away from the entrance so it made it super easy to sneak in there to grab a coffee and some food. And trust me, many at that time wore the robes during the morning πŸ™‚. For afternoon they had some different finger sandwiches, I remember tuna and then turkey/ham plus they had some great deserts throughout the day. The girls loved the ice-cream and then they had a fridge with milk, yogurts, etc which is great since my youngest likes chocolate milk with her medicine and so it was super easy to sneak down and grab some vs trying to get the dining room to find some or room service to bring. We never felt it was crowded in there and saw kids playing the games and families playing board games several times. I would not hesitate to book that category again.
  14. This is the last one I have found, but it gives you an idea. If they want to order off the adult menu then they will be charged full price. Starters Mac β€˜n Cheese – cherry tomato, chervil Shrimp Cocktail – cocktail sauce, lemon EntrΓ©es Beef Sliders – parmesan fries, ketchup 4 oz Filet Mignon – mashed potato, broccoli, cherry tomato, green peas Fish β€˜n Chips – batter fried, veggies, tartar sauce Chicken Fingers – crumbled fried, veggies, ketchup Dessert Banana Split – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cream Chocolate & Nutella Pizza – white chocolate, raspberry, vanilla ice cream
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