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  1. Our last cruise was on the Carnival Dream and there were USB outlets in the bedside lamps, which were so helpful. Does anyone know if the Valor has the same? We were forward in a balcony room if that makes any difference and will be the same on the Valor. Thank you!
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm sad to hear that it is outside but that is ok...we have the rest of the cruise to enjoy!
  3. We are going on the Valor in September and I am wondering where the muster location for a cabin located lido deck front ship? We were last on the Dream in about the same location and our location was in a theater and I am hoping for the same on the Valor. Thanks!
  4. Do you happen to have a picture of the clamshell with the Sarong scarf? That sounds like a neat idea. Thanks!
  5. Is his family on board as well or only caregivers? I am so sad about the situation and praying.
  6. On the Dream the pools and slide were open during port days. Do you know if that is the same for Valor and Fantasy?
  7. Yes everyone sorry...I meant Mobile. 🙂 Thank you! There is a significant price difference and so I'm trying to keep an open mind about both. Thanks for talking through it with me.
  8. Hello - We just finished our family cruise on the Dream and loved it and we are ready to book another one for fall of next year. We need to sail from New Orleans or Miami so we can drive to port and because of dates it appears our only options are the Valor or the Fantasy. What opinions do you all have on these two ships? I have read some good reviews and bad reviews on both. Thank you!
  9. Loved....loved your review! Thank you for taking the time to post it.
  10. I know I should understand this.... So if I have 3 pieces of luggage do I get 3 tags? For some reason the way it is worded is confusing to me. LOL :o:o
  11. I am loving your live review. I'm sorry if I missed it but what kind of internet package do you have to be able to post like this? Thank you and enjoy your last day!
  12. Oh thank you...I finally found it!! :DTheir site is not my favorite.
  13. I apologize for this silly question. :D I remember going to the Carnival site and being able to see available cruises in a calendar form instead of having to open each cruise and see the dates, if that makes sense. It was a calendar view and you could see all the cruises going per day. Does anyone know how I can get back to the view. I cannot find it again. Thanks so much!
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