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  1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to show your appreciation. I organized a Meet & Greet last year and this was my "gift" to the officers who showed up. They loved them! Do whatever you want to do. Don't let anyone determine your decision. ;)
  2. Tminish

    Worth buying OBC?

    I figured I'd chime in with everyone else.. Every cruise I've ever been on I've purchased OBC ahead of time. I sometimes board the ship with anywhere from $500-$700. I use it for whatever I want. I cancelled all of my credit cards so last year when I went to put my pre-paid card on file the lady advised me of the hold that would take place. I panicked because I did not have that amount of $ on it since I had so much OBC. I advised the lady of that amount and thankfully she let me walk on the ship without putting anything on my account. This is probably something they aren't suppose to do. IDK. But I've never had it done before. I was thankful for sure. On the last night of the cruise when I went to close my account, I had around $300 left that I had not used. They sent a check in the mail but it took probably 6 weeks to receive. But, when I received it, it was nice to have that extra money. So that's why I don't mind putting the OBC on my account. Now what works best for me, might not work for someone else. This is just my story and how I do it. I like knowing that I have money on my account when I board the ship and that I can purchase anything that I might want. Also, another thing that we all run into is the fact that employees are not all on the same page. What an employee said/done for me might not be what someone else done for you. So we have to take that into consideration too.
  3. Tminish

    Evening in San Juan

    Hi. I am cruising to San Juan October 2019 and noticed that we are scheduled to arrive at 4PM and depart at 11:59PM. I've been to San Juan before but never this time frame. Excursions aren't open for booking yet on MyNCL so I'm curious...Has anyone ever did this? What excursions are available to book in this time frame? It seems so odd. Lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Tminish

    First time in Tortola..

    Thanks so much ya'll!
  5. Tminish

    First time in Tortola..

    I will be going to Tortola for the first time October 2018. What are some "must do" things while there? Would you book through the cruise line or direct with another company? Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Tminish

    Getaway April 3rd -10th Review

    Sorry to bring back up an old post, but did you happen to snap a few pictures of your cabin? I'll be in this exact cabin next October. Happy you enjoyed your vacation. Thanks.
  7. Tminish

    Tours Plaza?

    Hi! I'm just coming back to give my experience with Tours Plaza! My group of 5 used them the week of October 14th. Our driver was Leo! He was by far the best ever! Super informative and nice. I encourage anyone who is having doubt about booking a tour for the day, to do it with Tours Plaza! You won't regret it! Thanks Leo for treating myself and the rest of my group like family!
  8. Hi Chris! I'm here! Can't wait to sail away with you in just 2 short days!!!
  9. Any news on who will be officers on the Escape in October?
  10. Tminish

    Tours Plaza--Driver Leo

    Hi! I will be doing a Tours Plaza tour and our driver is Leo. Has anyone ever had him before? I've heard nothing but great things about this company so I'm really looking forward to it. Just curious to hear some stories if there's any to tell about him. Lol. Thanks!
  11. Just curious as to how Eric won something. What type of drawing or did you guys play a game? I am in charge of our meet and greet and I'm just trying to get some ideas as this will be my first time doing it. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated. I'm loving your review!
  12. Could you take your own pictures with the Sloths, or did you have to purchase them? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. How long of an excursion was Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I am hosting the Meet & Greet for my cruise in October. What type of things did you want to highlight? The first poster? Who posted the most? etc? Just curious as I would like to do something like this as well. What kind of things did you put in your goody bags? Also, what all did you guys do? Did you just let people mingle after the officers said what they needed to say? I see you had a gift exchange. Most in my roll call would prefer not to do that and I would feel bad for leaving people out if they didn't bring a gift. Lol. I would just like to know what others do. This if my first time hosting a Meet & Greet but I've attended them before.
  15. Tminish

    Cozumel Orphanage

    Following! I'd like to know more on this myself. Who is it through?