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  1. If I have to choose just one, 2014 dinner in Toscano, one of the 2-tops at the stern with a beautiful view of twilight Chilean fjords
  2. In 2019 (not long after the Dom event was introduced), you could enjoy a 'preview' with by-the-glass choices in a 'wine bar' style event (drop in iirc) at La Reserve a couple of different evenings before the Dom dinner. This was a 21ish day cruise if that matters. We enjoyed both the wine bar event and the full dinner very much. Might be a couple of wine geeks lol
  3. Well if we bring a nice white for the opening courses and a lovely red for the main course we might not finish off both bottles, that's our excuse 🙂
  4. Would likely watch a replay of the live event. Unless had opportunity for small group interactive format (or breakout room), that I might do live. Said "no" to email because lines I am interested in already have my email.
  5. I think you have at least 2 possible cruising strategies- try Oceania on a shorter itinerary, or go lower market with an itinerary that allows you to ignore the ship's food in preference of land-based lunches/dinners.
  6. Ok by me. Can't promise what the thread drift police will say lol, but as OP I will support @EasyGoingGuy
  7. FYI - spouse saw this item on the "pointsguy" website - FDR on the NCL earnings conference call 8/6/2020 said "As we move into the first quarter of 2021, the deployed capacity is expected to ramp up as more vessels gradually reenter the fleet,” Del Rio told Wall Street analysts during a conference call to discuss second quarter earnings. But “based on this time line, it isn’t until at least the second quarter of 2021 that we would see our fleet return in earnest.”
  8. We had an FCC (future cruise certificate, to be clear) purchased onboard Apr 2019, emailed TA on Mar 28, 2020 to cancel and TA was able to cancel Apr 8 (delay due to our email hitting their spam). Got partial refund yesterday May 28 (might be complete, would have to check 2019 credit card records -oops, sunny outside no time for that lol) - so basically 7 weeks. I realize the amounts are tiny vs. some folks' outlay, but one more data point shouldn't hurt 🙂 We had an FCC instead of a cruise because we had 2 trips to France and a big wine conference in Canada for 2020 - nope, non
  9. Spouse is not a fan of gray for decor but loved the new post-Next Insignia. Hard to tell until you are onboard... someday!
  10. Although a future vaccine may not be a panacea, it could help flatten the curve so that healthcare systems could handle the annual influx of critical respiratory patients. I assume several different vaccines will be developed independently -- it will be interesting to see how testing and/or studies proceed, and how effectiveness compares with side-effects. An anti-body test could be useful as well, especially if it allows more people to assist the healthcare effort. I have no idea how long these take to develop, but researchers and regulators mostly seem to be on the s
  11. In the picture in post #3 that thing between the plugs that looks like some kind of spacer? Iirc that is a light switch. Even if the ground of the plug were in the "normal" lower position, the device in post #1 would cover this switch.
  12. I think early check-in is offered on some larger ships and/or mass-market lines, but O doesn't do this. Check-in is pretty painless - worst case a short amount of standing in line (can often avoid by getting to port slightly after the stated check-in time). Actually, worst case is a surprise inspection and delayed boarding, with everyone showing up at the "regular" boarding time and a backlog to process - don't worry, that is rare (most often inspections are announced at least a day ahead and O or your TA will email you so you know to show up later). Spa reservations - not sure w
  13. We've been there just 2x on a port stop, each time we walked over to Shell Beach, did some swimming & then enjoyed the restaurant there for lunch. It can be helpful to walk over (when they open) to make a reservation for slightly later. This is not the best food on the island, but it's quite good and is hard to beat the view combined with a glass of rose, and (depending on your table) your toes in the sand. Hamptons-like prices, not quite "Paris + export" but ymmv (and some St. Barts restos defintely are $$$$$, not just $$$). Definitely fun window shopping on the way there
  14. We've sailed with Corey as CD 2x, thought he did a great job. Opinions about CDs may be as varied as food preferences, so ymmv! We really enjoyed his Trivia, although it sometimes ran to 5:05 or so (as opposed to 4:59 sharp) - we didn't mind, but some folks seemed concerned lol. Some of his guest entertainers also did lectures/presentations, which I loved (spouse skipped). Corey on occasion arranged for local musicians to perform either onboard or on the dock. In Grenada he brought a steel-drum band on board to play poolside, the ship's band's percussionis
  15. @Clutj and @LHT28 your room service might even consist solely of wine glasses and nothing else (last time we did that was a few years ago, but they happily delivered glasses as requested).
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