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  1. We ordered a 2-pack of proctered tests from Optum on Saturday and they arrived Wednesday. Expiration date Sept 2021 with letter explaining the FDA has extended the date. If we hit the time window correctly one test will work for both Italy entry and 72hrs or less prior to embarkation.
  2. Yes. Also our TA has walked us through which itineraries have higher consortium benefits (hosted parties etc).
  3. We had same issue - then I tried making sure each restaurant had 1 reservation in the 1st leg (nights of Nov 9 - Nov 18) and the other reservation in the second leg - did get all 8 booked for us. Might work for you? Or maybe it was a system glitch - many things are possible 🙂
  4. Once you check in online, you can take a screenshot of your boarding pass inside the app - that way as long as your battery isn't dead, you don't need to have wifi or cell signal to access your boarding pass. If there are 2 in your party you can have both passes on the same phone. Of course if there are changes to your flight after check-in, the app would need to be 'live' to update...Paper is my spouse's plan "A" and my plan "B"
  5. Short answer: yes. Wine geek details - most of the "special" wines on board are not so old as to worry me about seaworthiness. Wine geeks can and will byo. We've come to the conclusion that reds 20+yrs old do not travel that well - although you might do better with highly filtered selections (my assumption is that particulates from skin contact don't make old wine taste better when you shake them up). Makes the Dom partnership look very wise - sparkling seems to travel great 🙂
  6. O is great for GF diners ! I am gluten free and have pretty clear symptoms if I get glutened - so far I haven't been glutened once on O. Do let them know ahead of time (as FlatbushFlyer suggests), check in with dining reservations on day 1 to make sure they got the word, from then on in restricted diners get the dinner menu ahead of time and circle what they think they'll like. In Terrace the manager or chef can give you a quick tour of what's GF each meal (or just ask a specific station if you know what you want - they'll usually go and ask to check). In the past there has *not* been GF soy sauce available at the Terrace sushi station, plan accordingly if that's important (Red Ginger has a few more items than average that don't work GF but there are plenty that *do*). The GDR offers GF pancakes at breakfast, but not all servers know this. Caveat: all info is before COVID, some menu specifics may have changed.
  7. Yup, when I look at it now it says 48 hrs for UK, 72 hrs for Canada/US/Japan - I must have read too fast, sorry about that! Of course it can always change...
  8. I was wondering the same thing. When I took another look at the renderings I think it might just be that they show a divider that separates the Red Ginger dining room into (at least two) spaces instead the single open space we all know from the O ships
  9. Between the look book and deck plans, seems that both Toscana and Polo have a (semi? ) private dining room at their far forward points with a single large table each
  10. For a longer cruise that we drive to, we have sometimes done 2 one-way car rentals - no parking charges lol! Depending on port parking fees, car rental rates, and logistics - may or may not make any sense to consider 🙂
  11. One O cruise I had a carry on that was basically a personal item but nothing critical in it. The luggage drop guys told me to keep it with me. I asked on our deck and was given the ok to drop it outside my room. Ymmv and I completely understand having a few bags you wish to keep with you 🙂
  12. np! iirc they didn't offer roaming with at&t (or it was $$$), there was no extra charge for T-mobile - but that was many years ago, I would check their FAQs or call (their customer service folks are usually very helpful)
  13. Separate and similar thing, there is (was?) a small-plate and glass of Dom format in la Reserve some evenings. I think it was offered 2x on our 21-day cruise in 2019. Nice preview of the Dom dinner.
  14. I assume you mean signatures turned off from your view on CC? Just FYI, I can see your signature from my end...if that's not what you want, fun with updating awaits lol 🙂
  15. I learned it from someone else here on CC 🙂
  16. Yes it is different on my phone. You can create a bookmark with the needed code to search just O boards. There may be a delay with an initial "no results found" that then updates again. Here is what's in my bookmark https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?&q=Replace_This_With_Your_Search&type=forums_topic&nodes=29 Happy searching!
  17. When I lived in Brooklyn our main nearby grocer would deliver your groceries, the ones that you selected yourself in-store. Of course that was last century lol. We learned to do our other shopping first, otherwise the delivery person would beat us home! Even though we were young then, 2 flights of stairs after the 7 block walk definitely made delivery the right choice 🙂
  18. If you scroll down on that link, here's what O says at the moment about shore excursions - not yet as definitive as the NCL language - it's a pop-up, so I don't think I can post a link to just this language...oh well, copy & paste works 🙂 "Destinations, Itineraries & Shore Excursions [learn more] STRATEGIC ITINERARY DEVELOPMENT & SHORE PARTNERS We constantly monitor the health environment across the globe and will modify or cancel itineraries to affected areas as needed We’re partnering with our local destinations and tour operators to extend our comprehensive health & safety protocols to shore."
  19. Have been many times to Valle de Guadalupe both on our own and as part of a tour (although never from a cruise ship). Highly recommend!
  20. If I have to choose just one, 2014 dinner in Toscano, one of the 2-tops at the stern with a beautiful view of twilight Chilean fjords
  21. In 2019 (not long after the Dom event was introduced), you could enjoy a 'preview' with by-the-glass choices in a 'wine bar' style event (drop in iirc) at La Reserve a couple of different evenings before the Dom dinner. This was a 21ish day cruise if that matters. We enjoyed both the wine bar event and the full dinner very much. Might be a couple of wine geeks lol
  22. Well if we bring a nice white for the opening courses and a lovely red for the main course we might not finish off both bottles, that's our excuse 🙂
  23. Would likely watch a replay of the live event. Unless had opportunity for small group interactive format (or breakout room), that I might do live. Said "no" to email because lines I am interested in already have my email.
  24. I think you have at least 2 possible cruising strategies- try Oceania on a shorter itinerary, or go lower market with an itinerary that allows you to ignore the ship's food in preference of land-based lunches/dinners.
  25. Ok by me. Can't promise what the thread drift police will say lol, but as OP I will support @EasyGoingGuy
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