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  1. We did the Galapagos/ Machu Picchu on Celebrity in the spring of 2019. We arrived in Quito and spent 2 days there on a pre-cruise tour, went to the Galapagos for a week, then on to Machu Picchu the following week. It was spectacular. As for taking medication, we did. I found I was very lightheaded and short of breath at times in Quito the first day and was glad to have started on acetozolamide for altitude sickness. You are usually directed to take a few doses starting a day or two before your maximum altitude location and then stop once you are there and acclimated. However, because of our
  2. Regarding your non-refundable deposit of $900, under the Cruise with Confidence policy that was initiated around March 5, you should have the entire $900 returned as FCC. At least that is what my TA said when I cancelled our cruise on March 14. Check out the Celebrity website for details. If you do not get the full $900 back, I would question this with Celebrity. That said, the cruise that we cancelled in mid-March and had made some advance payments for just got refunded to my credit card after 30 business days. However, I am still waiting for the FCC for the non-refundable deposit. At first
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