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  1. Thank you sgk2000 your post just saved me over $60 Euros!
  2. Thank you all for your many suggestions. I think I might need another suitcase!
  3. Yes, two stops. We have not made plans for either day for any tours as we just wanted to explore on our own and do some shopping. Thank you for the link to the santons....interesting figures. I am hoping to find some Provence linens for my tables in Marseille.
  4. We will be visiting St. Tropez and Marsielle, France. Thank you for all of your suggestions.
  5. Can anyone give me some suggestions for gifts please? Thank you
  6. I am allergic to smoke and just realized my cabin is one deck below the area that smoking is allowed. My question if for those of you who have had a balcony cabin on forward starboard side did you notice any smoke bothering you while on your balcony? Thank you
  7. Yo! We are sailing on Oceania Riviera and I have been doing some research as well as we are arriving on June 2 2020 just like you. I have actually found a few well known tour guides willing to do a tour but I was concerned about traffic and road closures. My daughters don't want to go to the Vatican and they really want to see Rome (first time). I guess we will just drive around and see as much as possible. What ship are you on? Thanks for your reply, Debbie
  8. Has anyone done a tour in Rome (not the Vatican) on June 2 during Italy's National holiday? Were you able to see what you wanted to see or were the roads closed and did you encounter traffic jams? I am concerned we might loose valuable time stuck in traffic and maybe we should plan something else to do? Thank you for your comments.
  9. Mrshoffy...did you do this through Oceania? Looks like so much fun!
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