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  1. I wouldn't send that lobster back, I love it, your mate should have passed his lobster to me!
  2. The news media always try to make a hen out of a feather. Nothing to see here, move on people!
  3. Do you have any links to the news story maybe?
  4. have traveled with grandkids on occasions, and they love the kids program, it's a great place to put them when you're out having fun!
  5. I'm also cursious about what Dr. Pepper means, please enlighten us!
  6. Thanks for the review, sounds you had a decent trip.. The other passangers are usually the most annoying part of it all.. I agree about that they should teach their crew better English as well.
  7. Some people just wanna complain, and they'll find reasons to everywhere. The world ain't perfect, yet!
  8. That's something new I hadn't seen before, thanks for posting that.
  9. The Baltic cruise was one of my favorites, Stockholm was so beautiful in the summer.. Can't imagine being there winter time though, brr.
  10. I like to smoke and so does all my family. We would certainly like to see more dedicated smoking areas aboard!
  11. I've stayed there once. How much did you pay for a double? I can recommend it as well.
  12. This is the trick our crew usually do as well, like to have the same table and waiter, routines are good.
  13. Yeah, the cruise lines are a bit greedy and wanna sell more alcohol on board, but if you're adventurous, do the gift wrap trick hehe.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it, haven't been on this ship myself, but now I might consider doing the same cruise you did!
  15. It's a great treat to have some chocolate milk, and I've never been without chocolate milk when cruising, so no worries!
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