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  1. Some dinner/dessert food porn from MDR night 1. Pork chop (spicy) wins hands down. pork chop prime rib Battered fish kids steak (sliced by waiters) Kids banana split Warm hazelnut chocolate cake No sugar added pear/blueberry cobbler Creme brûlée great service from Jose and Eddie. we will be eating mDR every night except night 7 which will be chops. kids club was taking reservations and there are plenty of kids on board for both my 7 and 12 year old. comedy show was good. Worth an hour. Don’t waste time getting there early. casino stole too much from me tonight. caught a couple songs from Kieran and enjoyed them. boleros was enjoyable for a few minutes as well.
  2. On board since noon. WJ lunch, done. Kids reservations reserved. water slides, done. beer in hand. Enjoying our deck 11 JS Balcony. Dinner at 6.
  3. Tried both Kaliks and Sands, both good in their own way. Kaliks probably has the edge for me.
  4. DFW to NAS oversold. Anyone taking the giant vouchers to Fly tomorrow?
  5. Amex Centurion lounge at DFW is packed as usual. We are on our way.
  6. We are on Adventure but I"ll be sure to check in to restrictions for our 7 year old who isn't Vaxxed yet. From what I've seen so far it's probably just masks and social distancing restrictions for her.
  7. Yes, planning to grab some. I found this video of 1106 on the Indy which I think it's similar. Looks like a great size and unique balcony.
  8. Looks delicious! Our precruise dinner was at Chilis. It hit the little ones' palette, but I'm ready for some real food. It looks like the DFW->NAS flight tomorrow is out of B but if we get through security early enough we might shuttle to D to the Centurion Lounge.
  9. Royalup just moved us to an 1100’s room on the AOS which is one of 6 rooms right near the Solarium. We have 2 kids. Is it allowed to walk our kids through the Solarium or do we have to go up and round to get to the pool deck/windjammer?
  10. I wish I had screenshot it. I don't remember, but I know it was a weak bid. I won it at $260 per person per night.
  11. AOS departing 7/17 and we received our royal upgrade today. Noticed that all offers had expired except Junior Suite which still said pending, then a few minutes later the app updated the room number, then I got the email. I'm not sure at what point my credit card was charged.
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