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  1. So we could have "Prince of the Seas" Then we could call Genisis "King of the Seas"
  2. "The drink of the day "CHOCOLATE BANANA".. When you get back home and want to make it for your self again the following will provide the same results. Place 7 or 8 Ice cubes in blender, add 4 oz of Heavy Whipping Cream, 1 and 1/2 oz of Hersey Chocolate, 1 oz of Kahlua, 1/2 banana... Blend to milk shake consistency... ENJOY.. Then modify to meet your own preference. Like I used the Hersey Lite and another oz of Kahlua." I would prefer a little extra kick myself!!
  3. I love what i do. I spend way to much time doing what I do. I go away to spend time with the family. However when they are either at the spa or in the pool or doing an activity that I dispise then why not check in on work. See what the days sales were. See whats on order etc.... So I do have it "both ways" Go on vacation spend dome great quality time with the family and still be in touch with friends, family and work!! Its not a all or nothing...you can love work but also being on the sea. Until I can afford a condo on residentsea I will just have to be content taking a cruise every year or so. Bottom line...It isn’t what passengers will be using the phone for but rather should they be allowed. Obviously I believe we should be allowed as long as proper etiquette is used.
  4. It may not be that "the business can't operate without their input" but rather they will be more relaxed knowing that all is ok and thus they will have a better vacation. Also some people Love what they do for a living and enjoy being in touch with work. Shoudn't they be allowed to?
  5. I do not see the world through one way glasses. That’s why it dosent bother me if you are on a phone, laptop, wear jeans in the dinning room…whats works for you may not work for me! When I am on a cell phone I speak in the same tone that I would if you were sitting next tom. Technology is amazing and there is no need to yell. Again if a cell phone is used properly no one should be bothered! And that is exactly what I did and do. I do not sit at a table having conversations on my cell. I will go and have the conversation either in the lobby or out in the street! How did people run businesses before electricity, plumbing, internet, FedEx, ups, fax machines….etc… To stay competitive in today’s market as a businessman you have to utilize all current technology
  6. Ok lets try to make some sense of this. First off it’s very presumptuous of you to assume that there is something wrong if you need to call in daily to one’s business if you do not know any of the circumstances. If we see a car and its black but you say IMO its white then you are wrong. My friend who we will call Alan is a franchise owner. As a franchise owner in a new business (The business has only been franchised for 3 1/2 years he has owned since they franchised it) he is required to participate in the Franchise partners call daily except Sunday. He knew that being one of the first franchises that he was going to have to commit a lot of time to it as it grows. As the franchises grows the franchisee's will not require the partners to call in daily. But since it is a new business they are doing what is necessary to make sure that they are running it at 110% so that they can sell more franchises at higher prices. I hate to have to waste good time to defend what I write. I believe if you are going to share your opinion you should have some knowledge. Obviously you do not. All of this has nothing to do with the original topic so IMO this post will be zapped. My main opinion is there is nothing wrong with someone using a sell phone in a public place IF they use it in an appropriate manner. Just because someone is annoyed by seeing someone on the phone doesn’t make it wrong or impolite. No one as of yet has answered my original question “What is the difference between two people having a conversation in the open space of a bar, deck, balcony or someone using their phone in a open space of a bar, deck, balcony?” If there is know difference then what is the problem? “
  7. And so say's who that it isn't right? Why allow it? example: I buy and sell real estate. I have a partner. We put a bid in on a house ......they counter offer at 7:15pm because they have another bid higher then ours that expires at 8pm. My partner calls me to discuss whether we should go higher. We agree to a higher price and purchase the house. 6 months latter we sell the property for 82,500.00 profit. Now if I hadn't had a cell phone when I was out to dinner with my family we would have lost the house and thus I would have lost a profit of 41,250.00. (Not a Trump deal but certainly my biggest gain)
  8. Just because one owns his own business does not make him wealthy which is what you need to be to use what is available now on a ship to contact home. Since I personally know my friend and deal with him daily business wise I am sure that is the only reason he chooses land base verses sea vacations. so your opinion is wrong. What makes you think you know the reason? Do you know him? Have you discussed this with him? I think we all know the answers so need not to respond back with answers. As for the "people tend to raise their voices on cell phones and are much louder than the conversations you state" Then that’s the problem..Not the use of the phone but the way people use them. I find most people who use cell phones on a daily basis know that there is no need to raise your voice to communicate to the person on the other end. I am sure when Bell Telephone first became widely available people would raise their voices! 2ndly have you ever heard how loud it is up on deck? Or in a bar? You would have to struggle to hear me having a conversation on my cell phone!! Please don’t assume you know me or my friends!
  9. What is the difference between two people having a conversation in the open space of a bar, deck, balcony or someone using their phone in a open space of a bar, deck, balcony? The only difference I see is you only have to hear half the conversation when the person sitting next to you is talking on the phone! Why is that so irritating? I think I would rather be sitting next to someone on a cell phone where I hear only half of the conversation rather then next to two people having a conversation! Now if the person on the phone does not have good phone etiquette and are yelling into the phone,,,well then that does bother me just as 2 rowdy drunks bother me. But never would it affect my cruise one iota…. the drunks or the cell phone user that is! I also have a friend who has his own business and he will not take a cruise because he needs to check in with his employees daily. He would love to try a cruise but cant go because of not being able to be in touch. Why not open the cruise industry to people who would normaly not be able to cruise.
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