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  1. I'm not sure, and it has nothing to do with the current virus issues. It has everything to do with the decline in the general cruise experience...shows, food, and cleanliness. I'd like to see Princess return putting more effort in the very things that had me leaving in the first place...after over 25 cruises with them.
  2. Yes! I remember it being offered at the airport also....very cheap!
  3. Are you able to get insurance that long after the cruise is booked?? Let us know what happens.
  4. I'm confused....where will the remainder of the passengers be staying who are being released?
  5. Yes, imagine just sitting in your stateroom all day waiting for the next "bomb" to drop.
  6. I'm not sure why the entry fee would be different for cruise ship passengers since you are going on your own by taxi. It is a very interesting place!!
  7. I lived in Israel in the '70s for one year on a kibbutz and went back for three weeks last October. I can't get enough as I plan on going back this coming October. I also was in a mini-bus with 9 people and an amazing guide. A guide with a good plan is essential as there is SO much to see and learn. This last trip I spent quite a bit of time in Palestine, and one day in the Aida refugee camp. Glad to hear you did a three day private tour away from the cruise. Yes, the OP needs to choose another cruise date to get the most out of her itinerary.
  8. Agree with this post! Choose a different date. I love Jerusalem and you would be missing too much if you limit your visit to the Muslim Quarter in the Old City.
  9. For many years the first day at the Horizon Court was generally the same for each cruise. There were things I looked forward to on embarkation day such as blintzes, fried scallops, hearts of palm salad....all of which have been "removed from rotation" according to the staff. Things have changed drastically the last couple of years (for the worse) so I don't know what they offer now.
  10. Well, let's face it...Princess is NOT what it once was. I realize very few things are, but after 26 Princess cruises the changes are enough for me to look elsewhere. I've been enjoying land trips lately. Go for it so you can make the decision for yourself. Enjoy.
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