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  1. kendon

    Takeaway cups

    https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/why-do-small-items-ship-in-big-boxes/403 Interesting Amazon message board about small items shipping in large boxes...entertaining.
  2. kendon

    Takeaway cups

    Don't forget "reduce", then reuse and recycle. Getting rid of it where possible is the first step...hence the straw ban.
  3. WiFi can be found by the coffee shop in the port as well. Just ask for the code.
  4. My historical and political perspective was life changing for me. Then again, I lived there in the 70's and the changes I saw this past year (some for the better, some not) were quite interesting to say the least.
  5. Don't pay for a Miami tour. Near the port is a hop on/hop off trolley (FREE!) that can take you to several downtown locations....one being Bayside just over the river with restaurants and lots of shopping. Check in your bags with the Oceania first.
  6. So many of you want to see quite a bit of Israel in such a short time (a day or two). Please consider an 8-10 land trip at some point and go directly to Israel. It's a life changing trip...not to be missed!
  7. https://destinationtea.com/destination-tea-regal-princess-cruise/
  8. Absolutely lousy food on the Caribbean Princess. The World Marketplace is a failure in my opinion. Princess haven't been in a hurry to implement it fleet wide...no wonder.
  9. kendon


    Under any circumstance, DO NOT order the plant based creme brulee. No resemblance to the real thing. Never had anything so bad....really.
  10. https://www.cruzely.com/ultimate-guide-to-harvest-caye-belize-norwegians-private-island-tips-map-and-things-to-do/ Nice site for Harvest Caye info.
  11. I saw that coconut guy last week! Wish I knew about the rum part....
  12. Belize City is very far from Harvest Caye...and it is not a place you would just go and walk around in anyway. I've seen the decline over the years and now it is advised that you take a ship's excursion on the mainland...on any cruise line. I've been many times and I've done some volunteer work as well. Getting to the ruins from either Harvest Caye or Belize City (different ruins) is quite a distance. I'd stay with Oceania and take a tour.
  13. I disagree. The effort is very worth it. The OP would be missing way too otherwise. I don't see a Jordanian stamp in the passport as a problem. Last October during a three week land trip, I had a Jordan stamp and got into Israel without a problem. Israel no longer stamps your passport, your visa is on a separate slip of paper. It is a very long drive from Eilat to Haifa, but you may already know this. Honestly, if I were you (and could afford it) I'd take a two week land trip just to Israel some day. SO MUCH to see. Let us know what you plan to do!
  14. I saw similar cracks, however on Princess (our previous line of choice) the cracks are getting wider. I did not find the specialty dining rooms fabulous, but then again I thought the MDR foos and service wonderful. Yes, very disappointing missing Costa Maya, but out of their control. Also, the lack of activities was very apparent on the unexpected sea day, however Sandy Cares, the onboard lecturer, was fabulous. Late boarding due to a last minute Coast Guard inspection was irritating, but again out of their countrol. I would book with Oceania again. Enjoy your cruising.
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