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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Honestly sometimes being with families is just too hard. Days of prep, contending with politics, special dietary requests, and then all the clean up after they hog down dinner in 15 mins. I'm over it. The only concern I have is the references to number of kids... we don't dislike kids, but I've been on board when kids were running wild everywhere. But we are still seriously considering.
  2. I can't recall seeing much fresh fruit at any bars except at Alchemy. We've had bartenders at Alchemy that didn't seem happy to venture off menu; on other sailings we've had spectacular drinks that were customized to our requests. I would try to find a friendly bartender, tell them what you like. They may not have ingredients on hand, but maybe on their next shift could have items ready for you.
  3. Also, if still in diapers can not use the pools or waterworks. I've seen parents get upset and argue with staff over this policy. Best to review rules in advance and be aware what is permitted and not permitted.
  4. Now that things are looking up (re: pandemic) and DH and I are vaccinated, we have 2 future cruises booked and are looking at a Thanksgiving 2022. We've never sailed on a holiday. What's it like (particularly Thanksgiving week)? Also - on a side note, I've previously set up "Price Alerts" here on CC.... Is that feature no longer available?
  5. How many shares are needed? And in this economic environment, what are the chances Carnival BOD will continue this program.
  6. As a career laboratory professional and an avid cruiser, I find this idea both interesting and concerning. This post was started at the onset of covid, and sadly we really aren't in a much better situation. The rapid Ag tests are problematic. All states have different regs for quality control and calibration documentation. Not to mention qualified people to collect and run these tests. It would just take too long to have a ship full of passengers tested without multiple techs running multiple machines. I really really need a cruise. I hope they can figure out a way to make it happen sooner tha
  7. I'm in the boat with you on this. We are not wealthy, rather firmly in the middle of the middle class. We've worked hard, lived within our means, and saved for the future. The future is now upon us, and we've chosen cruising as our absolute favorite type of vacation. Can we afford to lose money on the 2 cruises that have been cancelled? Not really.... But we are willing to chance it by rolling it into a cruise more than a year away. It's not like that $1000+ is going to earn big interest or whatnot sitting in my bank. It's my way of letting them use that money now to help insure that cruising
  8. We were concerned whether to cancel our early November sailing. Having at least one risk factor, and having to fly to Florida and possibly a hotel stay... We had many things to consider. We didn't want to wait and see if this would be cancelled or if we would be guinea pigs on the first sailing once cruises resume. Our PVP transferred the booking with no fees, and the folks at Fun Shops successfully transferred our Cheers pkg - which I got at 20% discount offer, and hoped to keep at that price. And bonus, new cruise is le$$ (same ship, itinerary and cabin class)... So we have OBC. Yes we opted
  9. We always book a year or more ahead... At least in the past we did. Jump in deals and/or reduced deposits, then watch for price drops. Currently closely waiting to see what happens with our November sailing.. leaning towards moving it to November '21
  10. We rarely splurge on a cruise. Don't buy trinkets or T-shirts or souvenirs. Rarely get cheers. Mostly book cheap inside cabins as we prefer to be out and about. BUT.... Does booking a few extra cruises count as a splurge? If so then YES we will splurge as soon as it is safe to do so! Maybe even a B2B. We had that on our bucket list, was booked and got cancelled when the Cuba ban went down.
  11. Perhaps not, but they certainly came in contact with someone who did...
  12. Just curious, why are these cruises less profitable? I have noticed in the past the fares were pretty cheap, relatively speaking. Is this why?
  13. Well this is the same question going on in my home. final payment for our November cruise is August 10th... I just got the "reminder" email. We aren't comfortable with the entire scenario as it stands now: flying in to Miami, spending a night in a Miami hotel, and a week on the ship with a couple thousand people. I doubt Carnival will make any announcement on my cruise before final payment date, so we will likely just cancel a couple days prior. Yes we lose the deposit in all likelihood... But I consider it $100 peace of mind. We are still debating refund vs. FCC. We did book cheers at 20% dis
  14. I work in a hospital and wear a mask 40+ hrs a week, plus on the rare occasions I stop at a store. I do not get headaches. My coworkers don't complain of headaches. Just my personal experience.
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