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  1. We always book a year or more ahead... At least in the past we did. Jump in deals and/or reduced deposits, then watch for price drops. Currently closely waiting to see what happens with our November sailing.. leaning towards moving it to November '21
  2. We rarely splurge on a cruise. Don't buy trinkets or T-shirts or souvenirs. Rarely get cheers. Mostly book cheap inside cabins as we prefer to be out and about. BUT.... Does booking a few extra cruises count as a splurge? If so then YES we will splurge as soon as it is safe to do so! Maybe even a B2B. We had that on our bucket list, was booked and got cancelled when the Cuba ban went down.
  3. Perhaps not, but they certainly came in contact with someone who did...
  4. Just curious, why are these cruises less profitable? I have noticed in the past the fares were pretty cheap, relatively speaking. Is this why?
  5. Well this is the same question going on in my home. final payment for our November cruise is August 10th... I just got the "reminder" email. We aren't comfortable with the entire scenario as it stands now: flying in to Miami, spending a night in a Miami hotel, and a week on the ship with a couple thousand people. I doubt Carnival will make any announcement on my cruise before final payment date, so we will likely just cancel a couple days prior. Yes we lose the deposit in all likelihood... But I consider it $100 peace of mind. We are still debating refund vs. FCC. We did book cheers at 20% discount, and I've seen that can be transferred to a rebooked cruise, so that's a consideration too. Stay safe everyone.
  6. I work in a hospital and wear a mask 40+ hrs a week, plus on the rare occasions I stop at a store. I do not get headaches. My coworkers don't complain of headaches. Just my personal experience.
  7. This is probably not the forum, and certainly not my intention to stir the pot on this issue.... But I feel a personal need to address the implied claim that labs are falsifying covid test results. You see, I'm one of those technologists. We are a highly educated, regulated and dedicated profession. The majority of my co-workers have Bachelors or Masters degrees. We do not falsify test results. There is not much in life that is 100%.... But a positive PCR test by a certified lab is damn close. Sadly, I am not as confident on negative results...particularly on a patient who is symptomatic. Also, supplies and delays are a growing issue everywhere. It is likely to get worse before it gets better. I'm off the soapbox now.
  8. Yes please. Where did you see that "air" is causing positive results? Not you CruiserBruce.... My comment is directed to the individual making the claim...
  9. Well if you fail the test you SHOULD STAY HOME!!
  10. I have a work related acquaintance who is a traveling medical worker. He was offered a work contract in Hawaii, where he had a travel gig in the past. But after researching the current quarantine requirements, he turned down the contract..... He said the current restrictions were too much of a hurdle to relocate there now. I doubt Hawaii will lessen its position any time soon. And you can't blame them. I can't see cruises resuming in Hawaii in the near future.
  11. Personally, I love the Fantasy class. Yes, fewer amenities.... But that is off-set by less crowded public areas and fewer children. (I'm not a kid hater) so just give me a pass on this. It is probably inevitable that prices will increase, but I still think a cruise is a bargain vacation. I recently came across an old booking document from about 20 years ago; we don't pay significantly more now. An argument can be made that service has declined as well as many cost saving moves that have lessened the upscale experience we once had. But I understand CCL will need to make unpopular business decisions to literally stay afloat. I just want to sail again as soon as can be done safely; and sadly it may never be on a Fantasy class ship.
  12. I know this thread is about October, but we are scheduled Nov. 7 out of Miami. Final due date is one month. We just aren't sure.... As much as we want to cruise, the number being reported from Florida today are concerning. We are at the point of hoping CCL cancels us. We used FCC from our spring sailing and hope they will let us use it next year.
  13. I love the Blue Iguana. Salad with the grilled shrimp, and the toppings of my choice is my favorite lunch on board.
  14. After many cruises, this is the first I've heard about this type of cabin. Are these on all ships? I'm gonna look in to this asap!
  15. Any clue when the next official statement will come down?
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