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  1. Buffet lunch always available on embarkation.
  2. I don't think we really want to have this discussion again.
  3. It's not a question of having to look through terms and conditions, it's there on the cabin description when you are going through the booking process. I just don't understand why people would not check on the things that are important to them when travelling with a cruise line they haven't used before. Also I didn't say they had offered to move them to a terrace balcony, just that there would be nothing else they could do.
  4. What, exactly did you think Customer Relations could do other than move you to a terrace cabin which you say you don't want.?
  5. Shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the shower and soap dispenser on the sink.
  6. From what I have seen and heard from others Fred is very accommodating for passengers with food intolerances. There is a meetings with the Head Chef on the first day and you will be given your own menu to choose from the evening before for the next day.
  7. Yes they were charging on Balmoral in August.
  8. The dedicated ice cream bar on Balmoral did not do much business on our last cruise, the same with the smoothie station. I think a lot of peeople are reluctant to pay for extras when they have already paid such a lot for the cruise.
  9. It sounds dreadful and I'm not surprised it has put you off. I hope you followed up with a complaint when you returned. I know they rarely take much notice of complaints but the more people who let them know they were not happy the better.
  10. We have experienced repairs, painting and varnishing on all the Fred cruise we have taken but nothing as excessive as your experience. May I ask if this was a French River cruise as I have read a post on one of the FB pages complaining about the amount of work being done on this cruise.
  11. We have sailed with Fred from Southampton, Dover, Newcastle and Liverpool. We always arrive just before or at the first check in time and there have always been a lot of people before us. This does not mean, however, that they embark any earlier as I there is usually a strict order to embarkation. This is usually by deck starting at the top but on our last cruise they called diamond elite first, then by deck order.
  12. Yes she is very lucky to have survived due partly to the warmth of the water and the fact that she has had training having been cabin crew.
  13. I don't suppose we will ever know the full story but she cannot possible have just been sitting at the stern of the ship as she said.
  14. From the website Anchor Fares Anchor Fares have been designed to offer our guests promotional fares with a simplified pricing structure. As Anchor Fares offer guests specially reduced prices, the following terms and conditions are applicable: Full payment is required at the time of booking 100% cancellation charges apply no refunds are permitted Non-transferrable to any other cruise once booked No room number and / or room grade is provided at the time of booking (room number will be advised on the cruise ticket) Oceans Cruise Club discounts are not combinable with Anchor Fares. Oceans points will be earned however. Dining sitting will be allocated at our discretion and will be advised within the cruise ticket. Anchor Fare guests can choose to book a specific dining sitting at the time of booking for a supplement of £2.00 per person per night. Table sizes cannot be requested when booking on an anchor fare. Room upgrades are subject to availability and may be complimentary or payable. Free shuttle bus is to the local centre and is not offered where the local centre is within walking distance.
  15. You will be given the boarding times on your booking details. It is usually between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm unless the ship has just relocated when it can be considerably later. The availability of tables for two varies between ships and Dining Rooms. We have normally been given one until our last cruise when we were put on a table for six. You mention paying £2 pppd so I am assuming you are booking anchor fare. I have no experience of this but would imagine that they will not meet your request in order to persuade you to pay the supplement. If you are in the Ballindallach on Balmoral most of the tables for two are in reality a table for six as there is only a few inches between the table for two and the table for four.
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