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  1. I have never missed the mister......but I have mussed the muster.
  2. This makes sense. Never thought of that. Rather obvious reason too
  3. Not sure if anyone (including me, the OP) is saying we like or dislike it. Was just putting the question out there to see what the rationale that I've never understood might me.
  4. The assumption is when all in the cabin DID have the beverage package. In this case unless you are giving out drinks to strangers or friends it is easily self-regulated. This is no different than the chance of someone with a package getting a drink at a bar and handing it to someone without a package. I'm sure it happens but in both situations the risk of it happening is the same.
  5. Room service agreed. With the minibar I see your point on the lack of control but if there are two people in the cabin and they both have packages that include the types of drinks in the minibar, to me it makes no sense. Maybe they are afraid I'll raid the fridge and stand outside of my cabin hawking discounted liquor drinks!
  6. I have often wondered about this. You have paid for a drink package. You can get whatever you want to drink almost anywhere on the ship. What's the difference if I get a vodka drink from a bar vs. the minibar? Why do cruise lines not allow you to drink minibar contents if you have paid for an all inclusive beverage package?
  7. Not good - how was the volume once you moved? I don't mind the music at the bar but I do not want to have to hear it at the table while trying to enjoy a nice meal. It's a steakhouse, not a club.
  8. I used to just sit in my room and play albums, just stare at the covers and read the lyrics. I had no cell phone to occupy my time!
  9. Are you referencing VINYL albums? Yes - that's a thing. A very big thing that all age ranges are into. It's kinda cool. I was referencing albums in general (CDs, etc.). I had so many of both when I was younger but now just listen to everything on line. I see you are in Charlotte - us too! I know....off topic everyone, sorry!
  10. I was thinking the same thing - anyone interested in techno music does not know what an album is! I don't think many under 40 buys albums at this point with all of alternate ways to obtain music now. I'm in my early 50s and have not purchased an album in about 15 years. That being said, we have sailed many times on Celebrity and have never had an issue with the techno music itself or its volume. There have been times on almost every cruise we have taken where at some point the music somewhere annoyed us, but the situation referenced on this thread is not bothersome to us.
  11. Keep in mind that you do not need to specify what the OBC is spent on. The $300 will just be deducted from what you owe on your total bill. You may know this already but thought it would be worth mentioning.
  12. We have found wrinkle release to be useless....may get tiny wrinkles out but if you have worn a garment and it is creased in your lap or behind your knees it does not do anything with those wrinkles.
  13. Just know going in that Summit is a totally different experience than Oasis. We have sailed Summit and Harmony (sister to Oasis) and while we did enjoy the Harmony itself and all of the activities there were SO many kids on board, even in October that this spoiled a lot of it for us. Summit is very laid back. The crowd on your Summit trip will not be Oasis young but as I mentioned earlier, you'll have plenty of folks your age.
  14. We've done RCCL, Princess and Celebrity - with Celebrity being the one most frequented. I suspect you'll have plenty of folks in you age range (we are in that range as a matter of fact and have been sailing Celebrity for 20+ years). As noted earlier this is very dependent on the itinerary and the length of the cruise. On Caribbean, 7-night cruises we have found that there would be virtually no difference between the ages on the three cruise lines mentioned less the fact that on Celebrity there will be fewer children because of the lack of attractions for them. The itinerary you mention will skew older than Caribbean but you will not feel like you are in a retirement community by any means.
  15. Off topic too but awesome show yes! Second in line only to Sopranos.
  16. There is SO much more variety in the old version of Qsine vs. the new. La Petit Chef is fun to watch once but the meal follows the show on the table so you select from one 'main' selection and one alternative per course if the main does not appeal to you. Not much variety in what's offered. With the old Qsine the choices are endless.
  17. For those that have sailed, hat are the opinions on what the Revolutionized ships are like? When the older ships were "Solsticized" a few years ago, some bars and lounges were added but many of the public spaces and cabins still looked a bit tired and dated. Are these updates more of an overhaul enhancing the 'newness' factor of the ships or are these mainly quick spruce ups?
  18. Ha - I missed that totally. You are correct.
  19. Wherever that thread title is from it's not even worded correctly. If they are trying to state that "Celebrity is now completely LGBTQ friendly" it should say that in that order. "Celebrity LGBTQ now completely friendly" makes zero sense the way it's worded. OP - where is this quote from (assuming it is a quote).
  20. My goodness. We've taken almost 25 cruises and I can honestly say that I have no idea if we've ever had/not had footstools. I also cannot tell you which have had the bed by the bathroom and which have had the bed by the balcony. These are topics I see on here all the time that have ZERO impact on our cruise experience or decision making. To each his/her own.
  21. ak1004 ....This can't be a serious complaint? Almost anyone that has cruised has had tours cancelled for various reasons. I assure you. We've had tours cancelled the DAY OF the tour. You do not know the circumstances that led to this so anyone stating that it is because the minimum number was not met is purely speculating.
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