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  1. Not more likely but whatever keeps you happy.
  2. Bring a bottle with you. Put it in your main luggage. Leave for the ship attendants to bring to your room. Bottle will likely be there in your bag when you get to your room. Enjoy!
  3. Must be very backward villages you were in! Hope you liked it anyway
  4. Blood is rarely used in its name in Ireland. Black Pudding very much used. Blood sausage/pudding extremely extremely rarely
  5. They (RCI) generally have English bacon etc but I assume it might depend on departure port etc...?
  6. I would suggest that the OP isnt "happy with their alternate plan" considering the questions asked in this topic. The posters are being helpful and trying to give their best advice with the confines of the topic.
  7. I think the responses from the thread suggests there are more questions than answers here.
  8. We we might never know as details are sparse and sketchy to say the least.
  9. An injection into the muscle is simple...surely you can do it for her...stick needle in, pull back syringe to ensure no blood (i.e. not in a vein) and continue the injection...unless I'm missing something...?
  10. Do you have to be back on the ship by a certain time, when the the ship is docked overnight? I will be on JOS in December in Dubai and looking at doing a day tour which will finish about 9pm with assumed return to ship at 10pm. We will be departing the following morning. Is this okay? Thanks
  11. Interesting you had the same experience! Ship was nice but RCI ships just have so much more! No doubt we crossed paths during the week!
  12. You sure you arrive at 7am? Most listings show arrivals of 11am or 1pm...when is your cruise?
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