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  1. Due to sail FOS on Aug 2nd out of San Juan. Logged in there to check final payment and it was due on June 6th. Never got an email or any communication about it. Seems unusual. Option still there to pay but Ill be holding off.
  2. Is it a case that they were cancelled as a result of pandemic or there was never anything planned? Seems strange. Thank you
  3. Anyone know why there are no RCI cruises departing San Juan in Summer 2021 (July and August namely). I see FOS is based elsewhere...Are there plans for another ship to sail from there?
  4. I was in Cozumel last summer (when no ships were in port) and I got a moped. It was very safe, no issues with rental or the company I rented it from (cant remember name). Was a company just outside port arrivals (the domestic terminal... Playa del Carmen to Cozumel). I just did a loop of the island...nice to do, not a huge amount to see but thats just Cozumel in general.
  5. Just pour the vodka into empty 500ml water bottle or whiskey into an empty coke one Edit: Pour
  6. Question was asked..... question was answered and that's your reply!? Good work.
  7. Hope you enjoy the entirely plausible and the rich heritage attached with the annual Black Friday sales too.
  8. As my post explained above, I was under assumptions of boarding and disembarking in the same jurisdiction.
  9. Fair enough...I was thinking of a European disembarking in Europe...obviously that changes with other places as you suggest. Thanks
  10. A charge for leaving early seems very excessive. Theoretically couldnt you just walk off with all your belongings and not return....or if you wanted to be nice about it....as you went past the security guards just tell them you were finished and keep going.
  11. Im definitely not that picky but thanks for the advice!
  12. JWDiningShoreside@rccl.com My email was forwarded onto the Jewel email address. Thanks again for your help.
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