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  1. I played on a recent cruise on the Koningsdam. The paddles were provided but quite a few players had also brought their own. It was my first time playing so I was happy with the ship equipment.
  2. I would agree with you but our experience was we were seated just as the guests for second fixed dining were arriving in the dining room so we were in the same pattern for the courses.
  3. We did the transatlantic in April and had a great time. We never waited long in line for the main dining room for open dining. We had a fantastic meal in the Pinnacle, two great meals in Tamarind (still our favourite) and also a good family meal in Canaletto. Sel de mere gives you such a special and personal experience I would highly recommend this too. On this trip we did not attend the Cellar Masters dinner but on previous cruise it was fantastic. Music Walk was right up our street and well done to the Rolling Stones Rock Room who filled it with energy every night even when you could count on two hands the number of guests in the room. One tip for you, if you are open dining and are offered seating on the upper floor of the dining room I would politely decline. Fixed dining guests were clearly given preference with table service and we had to flag down a waiter just to get our order in. I understand the temptation for these waiters who get to know their guests during the trip and no doubt gratuities at the end but at the end of the day we all pay the same for the dinner service.
  4. Hey Scottish Maid, I will take this over to the roll call for our cruise to save confusion.
  5. Good to know Syesmar. Do you recall how much this cost your group.
  6. Thanks Roger I will let him know. As I am in Scotland I will try and use email to get in touch to begin with. Enjoy your trip and leave me some whisky.
  7. Unfortunately we are not on your cruise but on the next visit of the Maasdam. Could you share the name of the company you are using for this tour as we have nothing booked yet for our visit to Kodiak on 17th July.
  8. On Koningsdam transatlantic last month there was afternoon tea served on most sea days in the main diningroom. Not sure if there was a special Dutch Tea or similar as we did not go every day.
  9. Thanks it is possible that he will still be on in 10 weeks time - did you catch his name ?
  10. Do you know who the Piano Player was onboard during your cruise and (pushing this I know) did they say if they were at the start or reaching the end of their tour. We are sailing on Maasdam in July and we love the Piano Bar.
  11. OK for me I do not use suites and perhaps a bit old fashioned but I really did like the America Test Kitchen when it was first trialled on the Koningsdam. We had a great meal in there but unfortunately on that transatlantic cruise not many of the paying passengers agreed with me. On the night of our visit there was only myself and DW and a table of people from the cast. CO does not appeal to me at all but I understand the reasons people have given views both for and against this concept. Time will tell if the can make a go of it. I would absolutely hate any move for the Tamarind which I still think provides the best meals onboard.
  12. Although too late as the previous post says, the CAC was worth every cent of the extra charge when we were onboard in 2017. Alas not everyone shared our enthusiasm for the venue and on the night we visited myself and my DW were the only two full paying passengers in the room. We did get the company of the K's singers and dancers who had chosen that night for a bit of a celebration. From other posts it appears for the last year it has been a venue for tapas. We also had a great Cellar Masters Dinner in the CAC and joined up with another lovely couple for a dining experience we will not forget.
  13. I echo all the thanks for the fantastic food porn and other useful information. Well done to you all.
  14. Thanks I will do that. We will reach 102 days at the end of the cruise.
  15. I will reach (and exceed 100 days) during my next cruise. from those who have experienced this am I likely to be awarded the bronze during this trip or like the Mariner points will it only be after the cruise is finished that this will be recognised ?
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