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  1. I know what you mean!!! I'm particular and do 1/2 decaf and 1/2 caff beans. There is a local roaster 1.5 miles from here and it is such a pleasure to have that nearby. Carnival doesn't allow kettles or appliances and you can get hot water (but not the bottled kind). Norwegian will supply you with a kettle and you can put whatever kind of water you bring along. The kettle allowed me to do my pour overs. We have shelf stable creamer too! The coffee place does have good coffee but not complimentary. I don't feel like waiting in a line when I'm not awake to get my morning fix. Bringin my own makes it easier on me.
  2. Free coffee is horrible. Next cruise I brought my own ground coffee and a pour over thingy for my morning coffee in the room.
  3. I will definitely do that!! That leaves a bunch of options! Thanks!!
  4. I'll be on the Dream in a couple weeks. I know pizza is 24/7...is breakfast pizza, which I love, served in the morning?
  5. Very glad to hear this and looking forward to Alchemy Bar's creative non-alcoholic drinkies!
  6. Great review and we will be on the Dream in February. We are planning Great review and will be on the Dream in 3 months. We plan on spending lots of time between our cove balcony and the serenity deck. Have a great cruise and thanks for sharing!!
  7. I hope the Seaday brunch menu is changed to the American Brunch menu on the Carnival Dream before the end of February. It is so much healthier and would love fresh pressed juices. Any news if there will be changing on other ships?
  8. Thanks, Wave61! I can't wait to on that ship to try it!!
  9. I am not much of a drinker and curious if anyone had any non-alcoholic drinks from the Alchemy Bar. If so, what did you have? I see its called "zero proof elixirs" but nothing more than that. Thanks!!
  10. Great review and looking forward to more! We will be on the Dream in 4 months.
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