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  1. I understand not wanting to go into debt. I think your plan B sounds WONDERFUL! I love Disney World, and the room at the Polynesian sounds grand!! Just today, I cancelled a Celebrity 12/2021 cruise for a $900 deposit refunded to my credit card. I am trying to minimize my losses should the cruise lines not survive. At this moment I have two booked for 10/2021, and one for 3/2022. I may be canceling another in the days to come.
  2. I cancelled our 12/2021 Celebrity cruise today to obtain a refund of $900 deposit to my credit card. I am trying to minimize my loss should the cruise lines not survive. I still have 2(one HAL, one Celebrity) booked for 10/2021 and a Celebrity 3/2022. I am contemplating canceling the other 10/2021 Celebrity cruise for a refund of $500 deposit to my credit card. I am double booked with the HAL and Celebrity and AT THIS MOMENT the HAL cruise(29 days) is my preference. Still contemplating.
  3. Diane - I am SO glad for you!!! Woo-HOO!
  4. I do not believe I have seen an offer like this Pre-Covid.
  5. There isn't. It is all very mysterious. I have talked to the PCC department on Sept. 21, 24, and yesterday. I spoke to 3 different PCC's. I sent a detailed email to Risa with names/times/conversations on September 28 as I was told she would be back this day. No response. When I called yesterday they said she will be back Oct. 12. I did say to them if for some reason she is no longer working there feel free to reassign reservation to a different PCC. As I say, it is all very mysterious, lol. So, finally yesterday it was sent to a "supervisor" to see if they would approve assigning from direct to PCC department. I know I leave some $$ on the table not using a TA, but, I've not had good experience with TA's.
  6. If I bite, it will be on this deal of $250obc for an additional $750. I am waiting a bit as I am still trying to get my reservation from direct booking to my PCC. She is off for an extended period(not sure what this means), so it has been a process. I put the cruise on HOLD through a Saturday chat, to secure the cabin I wanted. I told the chat person what I was doing and he had no problem with it going from direct booking to my PCC on Monday. This all started on September 18 and made my deposit on Sept 24 through PCC department, but, reservation still showing under direct booking. Anyway, I will spare you the details. But, HAL is not making it easy when in my mind I am saving them TA commission! What is the problem?!
  7. I have no idea. I am on a 29 day cruise and got the offer. I have not called on it. If I do, will let you know what I find out.
  8. Ann, we are on the October 21 cruise together, and I received the email today.
  9. No idea. I received 404 error msg when I followed OP's directions for current doc
  10. It will be interesting. For comparison sake our S7(Window Suite) Enchanted 14 day TA we paid $2699pp before taxes, and later added gratuities and drink package for around $400pp. We have no plans to book the May TA.
  11. Perhaps they think people will book a new ship at any cost. They will be disappointed(imo)
  12. I think it is in poor taste for Princess to not offer transfer and price protection from April TA to May TA.
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