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  1. There really is no reason why the refunds should be delayed other than they want to hang onto the monies. The cancellation is done electronically. I cancelled a cruise yesterday and received the cancellation booking confirmation as well as a separate note saying it could take up to 60 days for the refund. We will see.
  2. We have cancelled our Feb 16-27 2022 cruise on the Eurodam. Thank you for all your efforts. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. It sounds like it is. I booked a similar and yes you receive the $200 back in OBC. No where on my booking confirmation does it show the casino play or drinks while playing in casino. It does show the $200 OBC per person.
  4. Typically, first week in December is among one of the lowest pricing, I believe.
  5. Log into your account and see if it shows up for the Rotterdam. You need to go all the way to summary to see your cruise pricing.
  6. I guess no need to worry that you left your dress shoes behind, LOL.
  7. Tampa Girl, I posted the thread you are referring to above you, #4
  8. Yes, this is a big fail with HAL. I remember making my own drink in the Neptune Lounge and logging it in the book so they may charge me. I think at very least they could offer a 2 hour window in the lounge and offer beer and wine.
  9. Here is a great thread discussing this question. Imo, Celebrity hands down, no comparison.
  10. I hope you can get some resolution. I know this must be upsetting. I am not much help as I have no cruises until 2022, but, at this crazy hour I want to let you know someone is listening.
  11. Did you book through TA or Princess directly? It sounds like final payment wasn't made. Is there a minor on your reservation? Please let us know what you find out.
  12. Is it possible the sales were poor and they felt like they would be taking a loss in sailing? Just a guess.
  13. Happy to see she is on board and doing well. Wishing you a wonderful week together.
  14. I agree. One has to wonder if it is mainly for optics.
  15. I will be shocked if they do not follow along with the other cruise lines especially under the same brand umbrella.
  16. This is a good place to start https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/staterooms/suite-class TO OP: No complimentary alcohol in the Neptune Lounge. You may make your own drink, and log it so they may charge your account. There is a concierge in the NL, but, they are typically front desk personnel who rotate through a few weeks to a month at a time. The Neptune Suites are lovely, but, just know it is a different experience than Celebrity.
  17. Say it isn't so!! This makes no sense. They seem to do very well selling the wine packages. With the Alaska sailings starting soon, we will soon know. We have four cruises booked for 2022(1 Princess, 3 HAL). I understand there will be changes when cruising resumes, but, our cruising days may be over. If so, it has been a very good run.
  18. Another Weekend fan(me 58, dh 72)! On other Celebrity ships my thought has been they did not want us out dancing and could not wait for us to leave so they could leave, lol.
  19. The math most always makes sense for us on all cruise lines. We like our cocktails!
  20. We cruised on the Noordam, June 2018, pre-refurbishment and had absolutely no complaints. Like you, it was one of our best cruises.
  21. Same experience, and same thoughts(Summit vs Infinity). The ONLY way I would cruise on the Infinity again, not refurbished is if it was dirt cheap. No way would I pay premium price.
  22. Log into your account, go to Manage Booking, Check in and then it brings up Documents, click on Print Documents, Click on Travel Summary, or Print Travel Summary. It is the last LINE after your last port on the itinerary. I hope this helps.
  23. On my 14 day TA, my travel summary indicates 2 formal nights.
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