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  1. Currently on Amsterdam, georgeous morning, light clouds on the mountains, fog has lifted.
  2. Seems arbitrary to me. If I paid the upgraded amount for a cabin above the free inside, I am paying just as much as if I had booked regular fare for inside/ Oceanview. HAL is still getting the same amount of money from me, Neptune or inside. With no casino offer, say I would have paid $1000 and with the casino offer and upgrade I am still paying $1000. Why no stockholder benefit?
  3. Why all the animosity? Jeez, and on a subject that has no bearing as it is no longer an issue. This horse is dead, kindly dismount.
  4. Thank you for your reply. We will def make a visit to the sombrero, maybe 2! Look forward to sailing with a captain new to us, always a treat to be in Alaska.
  5. Copper10-8. Hello again, we are on the Amsterdam starting July 29 for 28 days. I think I remember you mentioning a favorite Mexican restaurant in Juneau, but have no clue if that's correct! It's certainly possible I may be wrong. BTW, I read on captain Alberts blog about the replacement captain for our voyage. Any thoughts, comments as I didn't recognize his name. Thanks as always. Doug
  6. I hope your appointment went well. I have just passed my 1 year anniversary for a triple also. Your positive situation is an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
  7. In my experiences, my room stewards do sooo much more for me with 2x per day tidying up and cleaning than the concierges, that to tip an equal amount seems very unfair. I always tip the concierge but try to tip proportionately to services rendered.
  8. There seems to be a lot of misinformation. There is no Italian cellar master dinner held in Canaletto. The cellar master dinner is always held in the Pinnacle Grill with a unique menu, accompanied by a different wine each course, different from the regular PG menu. The sommelier described the wine accompanying each course. I will try to add the Cellar master menu for all to see. This menu is from a couple of years ago, but will give you an idea of the types of courses offered and the wines. We are 4 star mariners and the discount doess not apply to this dinner. In our opinion, it is well worth the money.
  9. Hello Copper10-8. Last time I inquired if you knew who were the key players on the Amsterdam, July 29, followed by August 12. Seems it wasn't clear who may be onboard during our b2b. Any fresh news? Thanks as always.
  10. I agree with the positive comments. We have done it multiple times on the Amsterdam, and it was wonderful. Plan to do it again on our upcoming cruises on Amsterdam.
  11. Thank you for taking us along on your recent Amsterdam journey!
  12. Thank you richwmn for all the information you have posted. I know I appreciate all your efforts. My upcoming trip will benefit from your time and efforts. Thank you!
  13. I for one am fine with this one, increasing prices on optional upgrades will help keep base fares as low as possible. As most people on this board, we have been cruising for many years, and the base price for most cabin categories are about the same as they were almost 30 years or so ago. I appreciate the fact, the we can chose to upgrade our experiences onboard or not depending on our wants or budgets. I believe small increases are the fairest way to increase revenue from those that use that amenity.
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