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  1. 5% of 1 million is greater than 5% of 500,00. What part of more tests equal more positives is more logical assuming the positivity rate remains constant. Logical, no?
  2. "follow the advice of my government", really? Like, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you?
  3. Why gas no one mentioned Royal as a possibility. She has sailed LA to Alaska last summer, 10 days if I remember correctly.
  4. There was a woman piano player/singer named Annika Odegard on our 45 day Tales of the South Pacific on Amsterdam. She was dating the bass player. She had a marvelous voice, bluesy, Nora Jones like. Just a shot in the dark.
  5. Saturnia from the Italian line, 1960, NY to Naples. Long, long time ago, btw, I was 8. Maybe that experience had something to do with my cruising addiction.
  6. I am not fond of being referred to as "stayed". Would rather hit BB King's and have a dance and a cocktail or 2. With a financial and guest services background, he can just compare revenues from BB King's to the classical music sets. I'm 68 years old, 4 star, and am not ready for "stayed". Maybe next year I will be, then I can join the complainers that the music is too loud!
  7. Regal / Royal are our favorite ships. Did 49 days around South America on Royal last year, was one of our best cruises ever. You might just love those ships as we do. So many great dining options and if there is a buffet, it is the best, great choices and a wonderful layout. I bet they will figure something out up there that will work. Just another perspective.
  8. Princess has such wonderful special dinner opportunities, the wine makers dinner, a reservation only, 4 course filet mignon dinner with course accompanied wines included, the Chef's dinner, again a by reservation only dinner, including appetizers and champagne in the galley with the Chef and maitre d, followed by a food extravaganza in a private room with each course introduced and explained by the chef, with appropriate wine served. In the Piazza, the world orchestra, a program of the ship's musicians and the lead singer s and dancers from the production/ stage side. Live music can be found i
  9. We are 4* on HAL and Elite on Princess and both are our go to lines. It amazes me that people don't seem to appreciate the differences between the two. Both are wonderful, providing great but different experiences, isn't it ok to love 2 different flavors of ice cream without looking down your nose at one? Princess way out does HAL is some ways and HAL way out does Princess in others. Just enjoy and appreciate the differences instead of arguing about which is better, these times call for more open-mindedness not less.
  10. Even if they changed the mats at 9 pm, very few if us would see them changed!
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot free gambling money too.
  12. Surprised to hear that some folks wouldn't wait a couple of hours for a free cruise, a premium beverage package, free gratuities and free WiFi. I have the time to sit on hold, lol.
  13. Lots of pompous people who are so certain of their own class. HAL needs to replace the most senior members as they will not be sailing with anyone much longer. We have always been, and still are, huge HAL fans, 4 star, so we have earned our Stars. Main problem to me is, I don't think HAL knows what they want to be when they grow up! With luck, we will be still sailing with them when they figure it out.
  14. I just don't get the aversion to buffets. We are elite status, so we cruise a lot. On the royal class ships the food in the buffet is amazing, wonderful choices, fresh, hot and tasty. As far as sanitation is concerned, we have always worn latex gloves while serving ourselves and always wash our hands when entering. We don't even leave our used gloves on the table, we take them with us and immediately throw them away. To my perspective, I can control the circumstances better myself than the menus,waiters, asst waiters and all the others who touch things I use in the MDR. Just another perspectiv
  15. This entire refund issue seems a little "Ponzi scheme" ish. Relying on new monies in, to pay old obligations out. Must be patterned after our government's social security system. Only difference is our government owns the money printing presses and HAL doesn't. Good luck to all of us.
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