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  1. Just to add my experience. I had booked a 2-Bedroom Grand Suite (GT) on the Allure for spring break 2022. After I booked that, I went to add the connecting Ocean View Balcony, but they weren't booking them due to the halting of the Spa Cabins category. Therefore, I booked my kids in a Central Park Balcony across the hall. We got moved to the Liberty into another GT on Deck 8 in the AFT, while my boys were moved to an Ocean View Balcony on Deck 12. Once I got the updated email that we could change to any Caribbean 7 day cruise, I call on June 12th and spent 2.5 hours with Royal Caribbean. Went through the whole check, double check, triple check with resolutions. Ultimately, got assigned a GT on Symphony for the same week - 1 of only 4 cabins in that category on the ship. Was excited and tired and had to get back to work, so decided to hold off switching kids cabin until following week. I had my cruise vacation receipt in hand with the new sailing. Well, on June 17th, called in again to get kids cabin moved over to Symphony, but when looking up my Suite reservation the agent noticed I was back on the Liberty ! ! ! ! ! After lots of going back and forth, finally got the suite reassigned to the Symphony, as the other 3 were not available. Got moved to Deck 9. Since I have minor kids, they must be in adjacent cabin or across the all. The two adjacent cabins are also suites - no go for me! Additionally, Deck 9 do not have Central Park balconies, but rather interior windows. After additional authorizations, finally got a Central Park Interior View cabin assigned & price protected. Generally, an interior would be less expensive, but the current rate difference was about $100, and my original price on the Allure was significantly less. Minor inconvenience to have the kids in an interior as long as us adults still have the 2 bedroom suite. So, takeaway is that yes with some patience, you can get where you want, but be prepared for time on the phone and monitor your bookings even after it all seems confirmed.
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