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  1. Mask vs. no mask conflicts will probably be raging. As someone who derives pleasure from people watching on a cruise, I consider this a nice entertainment bonus.
  2. No doubt about that. The food and service was really good then and it was more of a semi all-inclusive thing but the basic fare cost a lot more then even in old timey dollars. Good that us olds had a chance to experience that but I like the new ways better. Good memories but Grandpa is now exiting memory lane.
  3. I remember the skeet shooting and womping golf balls off of the aft deck when I was young. Also remember having visitors on the ship until just before sail away and then tossing a million pounds of streamers into the water as you left the dock...sometimes with nobody even there to watch... No buffets except the midnight and standing in a huge line to shake the Captain's hand on formal night-- although they were all formal by todays standards. Good times, good times. Things have certainly changed and are better now for the most part I think.
  4. I have a late October Freedom cruise booked and paid for. My glass half full angel on one shoulder says it's because we'll sail at reduced capacity and they're already fully booked with that scenario but the glass half empty angel on the other shoulder is telling me to make other vacation plans. Not the end of the world if that happens but damn. My CCL shareholder onboard credit request that I sent in weeks ago hasn't been responded to with a yes/no/go away and I think that might be a tell too.
  5. Yes for sure. Always the best night of a cruise.
  6. Yes for sure! All of this and also watching the parade of people going to the dining room on Elegant-ish Night whatever that means to folks. Carnival is the premier line for people watching.
  7. Thanks. I submitted a couple/few weeks ago via mail and I couldn't remember how that all worked last time. I'm betting that they have bigger fish to fry these days so I'll just wait it out. Most expensive $100 onboard credit I'll ever get I'm sure but hey, whatever. I'll take it.
  8. How did you find out that it was added? I applied for mine and have done it once before but I'm old and can't remember how I was notified............
  9. That's what I was thinking. Does anyone know what oil price index they use for this and at what price the surcharge kicks in?
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