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  1. On Black Friday they’ve run sales. Last November it was 10% off each excursion ticket. Also aside from catching a sale, if you are a Carnival MasterCard holder, they reimburse cruisers 10% off excursions booked with Carnival and paid for via the MasterCard. It will show up as a statement credit on the credit card statement. (That is good anytime, not just during a sale period) So essentially for Black Friday one could get both the 10% off as the sale plus another 10% reimbursed as a credit on their MasterCard statement for double the savings.
  2. I’m always baffled by rudeness on the boards; there’s really no need for it. If someone asks a question that you find stupid, then why not just move on and don’t join the conversation. It’s really not something to get worked up about. Happy sails.
  3. Today while doing my online check-in I couldn’t find on my boarding pass anything about the FTTF we purchased. Had it not been for this thread, I would have missed finding the logo on the boarding pass and tickets. I was even looking for FTTF information, since I’d read about it on the excursion website being on the boarding pass. Point being, even when you ARE looking for it, it blends in with the information on boarding documents and easy for the eyes to miss.
  4. We did this excursion on a Royal Carribbean cruise in 2012. It was a lot of fun, you and your son will love it! The sea lions are like big water dogs and so sweet and lovable. You’ll be in a tank similar to an above ground pool. Coral World was a neat facility to look around afterwards. When my husband and I did this excursion back in 2012 we kept saying how much our son would have enjoyed it. (That was on a cruise for just mom and dad... he was home with grandparents) Its a fun excursion for all ages, and sure to provide happy memories for you and your son!
  5. Many thanks for the replies and tips. Very helpful!
  6. I’ve seen a lot of chatter on the boards about getting OBC for price drops. Can fellow CC members help me understand how this works? Any tips on monitoring price drops? I’m assuming one way to monitor is to do a “mock booking” on the same cruise and room category but are there any other ways? If a price drops how do we claim it? Thanks in advance for tips and information!
  7. I am new to the Barclays Carnival MasterCard. Is there a place where I can view a “menu” of things I can use points for? I’ve tried to research this while logged into their website, but since I don’t have enough points for anything yet, it will not let me see any of the offers.
  8. I know this is an old thread, but wondering if you ended up enjoying this excursion? We have it booked for our cruise in May. Haven’t found a lot online about it so any feedback is appreciated! And photos of the place are doubly appreciated!
  9. I’m appreciative of everyone’s feedback- thank you! Quilcruisers - your son sounds just like mine. He’s also very independent but not overly outgoing, but he can usually find someone in a group to hang out with. Other times he’s perfectly happy just being by himself. I hope he can make some new friends on the cruise to enjoy the vacation with.
  10. Lots of the reviews on Trip Advisor specific to the VIP experience and also on Carnivals excursion website mention the infinity pool and bar. The pool and bar has access to VIPs only, so they probably misunderstood your inquiry as is there a pool for the general patrons?
  11. https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/0a/d1/20/1a/private-area-that-can.jpg Here is a link to a photo of the VIP area posted on Trip Advisor
  12. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/PreSales/Excursions/Ports_A-F/CZM/304226/Pictures/Exclusive%20VIP%20Dolphin%20Swim%20Experience%20in%20Cozumel%20Mexico%2013%20jpg.JPG Here is a link to one of the photos of the VIP area and Infinity Pool
  13. I have not yet done this excursion, but I did a lot of online searching before I purchased it for our cruise next May. There are photos of the VIP area with the infinity pool on trip advisor. On Trip Advisor you can also search reviews with the keyword “VIP” and a bunch of reviews (and some photos) from those that did the VIP Experience will pop up. In addition to Trip Advisor, I found photos of the VIP section and pool by goggling it and looking at the google image results. Hope that helps! Happy cruising 😎
  14. We are taking our son on his first cruise next May on the 5-day Carnival Valor. I have not seen many reviews on the Circle C club for 12-14 year olds. Would love to hear more about it and what kind of activities they plan. Mostly, did your kids enjoy it or would they rather not participate? Our son is an only child (14 years), and on the cruise it will just be the three of us (mom, dad and son). I’m hoping he’ll find some fun with the club and perhaps meet some new cruise friends. Also does anyone have Circle C schedules from previous trips? We are doing the 5 day western Caribbean out of New Orleans, but I’d be happy to show him any of the ships’ schedules to get a general idea of what’s offered.
  15. Thank you all for the explanations and response :) happy cruising!
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