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  1. Hi stipmom: We have been in Luminae on many "M" and "S" class ships, including Infinity. It has never been a problem to get anything on the menu served anyway you want it. The waiters are very accommodating. Have a wonderful cruise!
  2. Just one more issue: Note that the black object at the edge of the folded bathmat in the picture above is a doorstop. When getting out of the shower, one must remember to step OVER the doorstop as it might be covered by the bathmat. Stepping on the doorstop can be very dangerous. BEWARE!
  3. FYI: The safe in our cabin on the newly revolutionized Summit in September did NOT flash the code before locking. In the past this was always a good way to double check that the desired code had been entered. Also, the revolutionized safes are considerably smaller than the old ones. We agree that it is wise to test the safe a couple of times before locking your valuables inside. Mike and Mary
  4. Donna was Manager of Future Cruise Sales on the SUMMIT in September of this year. We had dinner with her and she is as sweet as ever! Mike and Mary
  5. Hi Oliver, Hope you and Brigit are doing well. Thanks for the info about the Edge. Just one question: If these four restaurants are in place of MDRs, what does the notation "A 20% service charge will be automatically added to your check" at the bottom of each menu mean? Thanks and hope to see you again soon. Mike and Mary
  6. Thank you, Chemmo, for taking the time to post such a thoughtful review of your experience on the Equinox. Your opinions and observations are always truly appreciated. We look forward to meeting you on a future cruise. Mike and Mary
  7. Look at Deck 12 Forward, Port Side.
  8. And YOUR credit card? See you on September 8! Mike and Mary
  9. FYI - Originally the Luminae burgers had onions mixed into the meat prior to cooking. Sometime before November, 2018 the recipe was changed and the onions were removed and replaced with a Cheddar bacon-onion jam on the top of the burger. The Luminae burger we had on Reflection in June of this year was delicious! Hint: For a lighter meal just ask for the burger without the bun.
  10. Hi fellow North Carolinian, Hope you will post your experience in The New Retreat Lounge (old Michael's Club) once you are onboard the Summit. We will be on the Summit in September and haven't been able to determine whether or not there is still a Concierge Desk located in The Retreat Lounge. Thanks, Mike and Mary
  11. milokama: You are 100% correct. We have booked at least 6 Celebrity cruises within the last two years using the Am Ex Platinum Card. The day after final payment we have received additional OBC from Am Ex added to our Celebrity Cruise Planner account. This has been in addition to OBC for booking onboard a cruise, and other standard perks. Mike
  12. Hi Shealea, You may want to check out The Hive on the Creek, 716 Totem Way #100, in Ketchikan. I bought some lovely yarn there last year and I believe they had x-stitch kits in the back room. If you are going to Seward, check out A Flyin' Skein, 223 Fourth Ave (near the SeaLife Center), which also has a very nice selection of yarn. Don't remember if they had x-stitch. Good Luck! Mary
  13. Thanks, Radio, for the photos of the new Retreat Lounge (formerly Michael's Club). A quick question: As there is a designated concierge for the Retreat Lounge, did you see where the Concierge Desk is located? We appreciate seeing all the changes Post-Revolution. Mike and Mary
  14. Thanks, Radio, for your great "Live" review. We can't wait to board the Summit in September. We look forward to reading more of your reviews in the future. Have a safe trip home. Mike and Mary
  15. Thanks, Jim, for taking us along on your great TA. We've taken notes along the way and plan to use the information in the future. Look forward to sailing with you soon. Mike and Mary
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