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  1. The OP, however, is going to Harvest Caye, so it’s irrelevant what is available in Belize City. It would be like if someone asked about Cozumel, and I gave them options for Costa Maya instead. Two totally different ports.
  2. I’m on the Escape in December, and having the same issue with Roatán. I check daily, so I know that haven’t been listed, and then sold out.
  3. You can call to reserve Choir of Man ahead of time (it’s not available online to book).
  4. This week, the Pride stopped at Freeport to drop off supplies (no passengers were allowed off). So, maybe they’ll still be doing that when you sail, if supplies are still needed.
  5. Where do I check to see if my edocs are ready to be printed? Is there a section I go to on the app?
  6. I totally would’ve been Old Yeller on your Montego Bay tour. 😉 I’m really enjoying your review. I’m not a beach person either, so it’s nice to see some alternative things to do at these ports.
  7. The mistake is that, starting in a week or two, the Sun is no longer all inclusive. Yet, apparently the OP (and maybe others?) who pre-paid the DSC are being charged the higher fee.
  8. I’m considering booking a 4 night cruise on the Sky in September 2020. It leaves out of Miami, and goes to the Bahamas. It does not include an open bar. Does that mean it might not be much of a party ship? I’d rather avoid a “booze cruise “ if possible. 😁
  9. Oh, wow! I’m guessing it will be Grandpa getting charged? I’ve wondered if the reason the family is now “radio silence “ on suing the cruise line is because their lawyer finally watched the video tape footage, and realized that he wouldn’t have a case.
  10. I thought Mardi Gras is doing one cruise leaving from Copenhagen?
  11. I’ve read the Grandpa is actually Step-grandpa, and married Grandma when the little girl’s Mom was 20. So, that definitely adds another dynamic to the situation.
  12. I’ve read that Grandpa is only 50, so it’s not like he’s an elderly dottering man one step away from the nursing home. I’ve seen several photos of him with the little girl; it looks like they spent a lot of time together. I’m sure it never occurred to the parents that he would make such a bad judgment call. I’ve wondered what the police officer father thinks about it. I think it would be much harder to forgive an in-law than a parent or step parent.
  13. Not to mention, any thread started on the Royal Caribbean forum gets deleted.
  14. Thanks for the replies! I totally thought the credit was refundable, so now I’ll have to decide if I want to cancel the excursions, and then call to re-book. I would imagine though that it’s pretty easy to use it on the cruise (it will be $250 total). Can it be used in the casino?
  15. I picked the $50 shore excursion credit as my perk. I’ve already booked my excursions online, and paid using my credit card. From what I understand, I will then have the $50 per port credited to my account after I take each excursion, and treated as OBC. I think I will probably have some of the OBC left at the end of cruise. I’ve read conflicting information as to how it will be refunded to me: I’ve heard that NCL will send a check for the amount a few weeks after the cruise, but I’ve also read where people are not allowed to disembark until they go to guest services, and get the OBC refunded in cash. Can anyone enlighten me as to what is usually done in this situation?
  16. Does anyone know what beach club/resort/restaurant this excursion actually goes to? All it says in the description is that it takes you to a buffet lunch at "our Blue Lagoon Restaurant". I can't find any restaurant in that area with that name on TripAdvisor, so I'm guessing the cruise line isn't using the restaurant's actual name in the blurb. The blue lagoon portion has gotten mixed reviews on the NCL website, so I'm interested in seeing what TripAdvisor says about it.
  17. What ship would they bringing alcohol off of? I thought they flew in?
  18. I'm doing an excursion through NCL called Shopping and Highlights tour. At the end of the tour, apparently you get the choice of being dropped off directly at the port, or in the downtown area. If I choose to be dropped off downtown, would it be safe for me (female) to walk back to the port by myself? How far is it? Is there a sidewalk? Anything else I should know about walking alone there? Thanks!
  19. Once you’ve booked your excursions, you can no longer see what else is available for that port while logged into your account. You need to log out of your NCL account, and then go under shore excursions to look. The exception to this is if you’ve got enough time to book two excursions in one day. At least, that’s what I’ve found with my account.
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