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  1. Yes there are Theme Nights. The best way to find out is watch for reviews of the same ship, doing the same itinerary. Then, hopefully, someone posts the Freestyle Daily for each day, so you can determine time and location for what appeals to you!
  2. Caye Caulker is fine "IF" NCL ship goes to Belize City! It is NOT an option, due to distance, from Harvest Caye. For those going to Harvest Caye: Your walk off the ship would be similar to that of some other ports. There is a covered walkway for part of the trip. There are "misters" in parts of the island. You may come and go, as you please. So, while food and beverage are NOT provided free of charge on the island, you could eat/drink on the ship and still enjoy "time at the beach/pool!" You might want to read this: https://www.cruisecritic.com/ports/newport.cfm?ID=8216
  3. Shortened Terms and Conditions: Premium Beverage Package (Unlimited Open Bar) Guest must be at least 21 years of age at time of sailing to qualify for the Premium Beverage Package. Guests under 21 will receive the soda package. > Eligible guests are entitled to two beverages per person per transaction. Includes a variety of spirits and cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to $15 retail price. > Includes fountain soda, juice, and non-alcoholic beer. >Offer is not applicable at Harvest Caye bars, restaurants, or venues. Does not include: Starbucks, Ice Bars, room service, package sales, bottled water, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated super premium brands (subject to change), bottled wine, mini bar purchases, fresh squeezed juices, Lavazza coffee beverages, wine dispenser, energy drinks or vending machines. Guest who receive the Soda Package may obtain fountain soda at any bar, lounge or restaurant throughout the duration of the cruise, excluding Harvest Caye bars, restaurants, or venues. >Guest's check may reflect applicable VAT and/or taxes for certain ports or itineraries. *** Ask your stateroom attendant to remove refrigerator contents from the room (sometimes, they only place things in a pillowcase, that they leave under bed or elsewhere!)
  4. graphicguy, I love the photos you've posted. Thank you for this review of the Breakaway and Western Caribbean. Also, thank you very much for taking the time to make special posts for those of us who asked!
  5. You would have a very difficult time using https://www.cave-trips.com/, because they only pick-up in Belize City! I'm fairly certain that NCL is docking only at Harvest Caye in November. (I know for fact the Getaway is!) Your only choices would be excursions from Palencia, Belize! And, you would need to take the NCL Ferry to Palencia, first, if you don't book excursion directly with NCL! I can't recommend anything, but I did want to warn you to look at your actual port of call! This Cruise Critic review might explain more! https://www.cruisecritic.com/ports/newport.cfm?ID=8216
  6. I agree with Sauer-kraut! We enjoyed the Air Boat and Gator Park Excursion too! And it was a much better way to spend hours than sitting in FLL!
  7. To verify, you are using the number shown below, during these times? Some people have posted that they call during mid-day hours (1pm ET) and have no trouble getting through. I can only suggest trying different times. 1.866.234.7350 Mon-Fri: 8am - Midnight ET Sat, Sun: 9am - 9pm ET
  8. That "Hike" will depend on how fit you actually are! DH and I (60's) walk at least every other day, or more frequently sometimes. Since we would likely walk more than that anyway, it's no hike for us! But, for many that walk could be difficult! As for service, another non-issue for us, as the only thing we asked of a butler was ice and coffee for the Nespresso.
  9. Yes, as long as you complete the excursions at each port!
  10. If you pre-book and pay for excursions that are canceled by NCL you would get the price you paid added to your account as a REFUNDABLE Credit. However, unless you replace that excursion with another, or don't take any NCL excursion at port, you will NOT get the excursion credit! ...USE or LOSE!!! IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you look at your "Amenities Invoice from NCL, and you have multiple lines of ON-BOARD CREDIT, be sure to read each one completely. Sometimes it can look like you have "refundable credit", BUT, on the line above, there might be a "non-." Happens often for us!!!
  11. Looks like you are having a VERY GOOD TIME!!!🤣🤣🤣
  12. It is NOT "hard to get a drink over $15" if you want premium liquors, wines, and such. Many of the Martinis are $17.95 (pre-20%). So, if you have the drink package and want a $17.95 Martini, it will cost you $3.54 additional ($17.95 x 20%). ...just one example.
  13. Captain Morgan calls that a Captain and Ginger! ggTexasGal is abbreviated version of my nickname, Ginger, and of course, we live in TX. But, I am not blonde ...DH has that honor.😎 Anyway, I enjoy Spiced rum and ginger beer or ginger ale!
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