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  1. The most important suggestion is be sure to read the NCL Terms and Conditions for your selected booking. Not all dates, not all stateroom categories, and not all ships are included in the headline promotions! The SAIL AWAY rate is bare-bones pricing that does NOT get any promotions, nor are you going to be able to select your room. IF you select your room with promotions, be sure to know what extra fees are going to be charged with those promos (generally, 20% for the first two guests(only), PER DAY, on the VALUE of the Dining and/or Drink packages. And, many people fail to notice the Daily Service Charges. The larger (newer ships) require reservations for restaurants and some shows ... again, do research on the procedures needed, as this may vary depending on individuals preferences.
  2. Here is what I suggest: Sometimes (but not always) one will be tucked into the Freestyle Daily that you'll be offered during the check-in process. But, if not, upon embarkation, swing by the ShorEx desk to see if they have forms readily available (they usually do). Go ahead and find any excursion (or items, such as the Clamshells) for your cruise that you want and fill out the form, place in their box if you don't have the opportunity to actually give to a ShorEx representative. There are often lines during their "open hours!" ... I forgot, there are also the touch screens (near elevators).
  3. Can clamshells for Harvest Caye be booked online prior to boarding....like an excursion? First time visiting Harvest Caye. You can book them on-board your ship, or at HC only ...not online! It can be done easily by filling out a Shore Excursion form with complete information, prior to arrival day, and drop the form in the ShorEx desk box.
  4. I have an older Shore Excursion Order Form (from Dec 2017), so my apologies, but as nobody else had posted yet, I figured "old pricing" would at least answer your questions (IF they haven't changed everything)! Listed: Flighthouse Zipline (includes Sky Trail line) = 1.5 hours, Level 2 Activity ...$89 Adult/ $69 Child Sky Trail Ropes Course = .5 hour, Level 3 Activity ...$19 pp Food items were in the $10+(+) range, frozen adult drinks were about $12-$16, if I recall correctly. I do hope that this helps you some. It seems that excursions are "likely" to start appearing sometime around 7/11 or so...
  5. I'm providing an NCL link that may be helpful to you (my apologies if you have already found it)! But it is a very good idea to let NCL know your medical condition and dietary needs in advance of your cruise. https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising
  6. Not necessarily, we've been "washy washy" sprayed while about to step on-board, quite a few times (not just ports of call)!
  7. Porters have blanks for this. Just be sure they write the correct room number!
  8. slide my card at the security desk. 🤣
  9. I certainly hope NOT!!! 😆 But, of course, what I was saying is the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific cruises' excursions being scrambled, can post-pone other cruises' excursions, until that "current season's" excursions all get rescheduled. Last year is an example of that happening!
  10. This is good advice, yet plenty of variables can change the timeline. If we have a BAD hurricane season, some cruises may experience delays of their excursions showing up, while NCL works to negotiate excursion replacements, and/or, works at catching-up with some cruises that hadn't had listings posted yet (we have seen this happen in the past several times). We are currently 5 months away from our W. Caribbean cruise and only one excursion is showing. So keep checking, but try to be patient.
  11. Yes, after midnight (at 120 days for mini-suite categories and below) reservations "should" open for shows and restaurants. However, not all shows and restaurants may be listed, as some things must be done on the ships, or, are simply "First Come, First Served when on-board." Suites/Haven may book at 130 days!
  12. ...Per Terms and Conditions @ https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-4 Nights 1 $25 per person $5.00 per package 5-6 Nights 2 $69 per person $13.80 per package 7-8 Nights 3 $79 per person $15.80 per package 9-10 Nights 4 $94 per person $18.80 per package 11+ Nights 5 $109 per person $21.80 per package Package prices are subject to change.Guest is responsible for 20% gratuities on the retail value of the Specialty Dining Package prior to cruise.Packages are based on a per meal basis.Applicable to guests 1-2 on the reservation.Dining package is applicable to guest ages 2 and older.Any Harvest Caye bars, restaurants, or venues, Food Republic, The Bake Shop, Ice Cream Bar, Gelato, specialty items in the Asian restaurant, Special Occasion/Holiday menus (New Year's, Christmas, etc.), Jazz Brunch, Wine Lovers and Murder Mystery lunches, and beverages are not included as part of the Specialty Dining Packages. You may choose to dine in the following venues as part of your Specialty Dining Package for the corresponding upcharges: Cabaret ($15 USD), For the Record ($15 USD), Ocean Blue ($10 USD), Bayamo ($10 USD), Cirque Dreams ($10 USD regular seats/$15 USD premium seats/$35 USD VIP seating on Breakaway), Sushi Bar ($7 USD), Pincho Tapas Bar ($7 USD), and Raw Bar ($7 USD).Specialty Dining Packages include one main course per person at Cagney's and Le Bistro restaurants. Additional main courses will be charged at the a la carte price listed on the menu.There is no minimum or maximum to the number of meals that can be redeemed in a day, however each meal is counted towards the package.
  13. We were on the Gem about a month ago. We tried to make a reservation for Orchid Garden at the front desk. However, we were told we would have to just go to Orchid Garden, while they were open, to make a reservation. We were fortunate that we to wanted to dine early, so we were simply seated right away, on that particular evening. But, yes, reservations are required!
  14. Our PCC used to ask us ...he no longer asks, and we no longer receive a card in room (which is just fine, because we rarely got the cakes). I don't remember ever entering that sort of info during our "MY NCL" check-in process online.
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