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  1. That invitation says absolutely nothing about lunch. Latitudes parties, generally, are not "dress up" gatherings. It's won't be like an Evening Gathering with the Captain.
  2. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/La_Cucina_Dinner_Dessert_Mobile-Menu_V3_0.pdf ... OR ... If you are logged into your account & booking, when you select each restaurant, there should be a small icon below the picture of the restaurant. It will take you to a similar looking version as the link above.
  3. @dobiemom Excellent point! Information is changing rapidly, so some important info needs to be verified in that final week to 10 days pre-cruise! Even info I posted today could be "Old News" tomorrow.
  4. I was simply highlighting that fact for anyone who might like to put-off completing everything any earlier than three days prior! Since you have NOT gotten to ten days prior to your cruise, you probably haven't gotten their "letter" (look for an email), that gives more info. But there are references to the tests throughout some links. BTW, We have not cruised since January 2020, but I like to keep up with changes/requirements that are taking place so we can make informed decisions for our cruises booked in 2022!
  5. I completely acknowledge that everyone about to cruise on NCL, very much NEEDs to know NCL's stuff! While reading the page I linked, where it has this link (open and scroll down) Sail Safe™ Health & Safety Program. Pre-Cruise and Onboard Frequently Asked Questions Expand All Do I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival at the terminal? We strongly encourage all guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 96-hours prior to their sail date as an added precaution. If a PCR test is not readily available, then we encourage guests to at a minimum take a COVID-19 antigen test, prior to travel. Please note that many countries are now requiring this, and requirements vary based on guest nationality, so we strongly urge you to check the official website of the country you are flying to, connecting through, or sailing to before travelling in order to comply with their requirements. As a reminder, all guests are responsible for checking on travel restrictions and complying with all requirements. NCL recommends for all guests to follow, and where possible, sign up for notifications from their local government on international travel regulations that may prevent, restrict, or require additional documentation when traveling to another country for embarkation or during their cruise. For all the tips on what to know prior to leaving home and for arrival at the terminal, please refer to your Embarkation letter that is sent 10 days prior to your departure.
  6. Your wording about Final Payment is a bit misleading and might cause some booked 2022 passengers to panic! Certainly NCL needs to update the various cruise requirements https://www.ncl.com/about/cancellation-fee-schedule *** None-the-less, NCL certainly does need to update the various cruise requirements soon! ***
  7. Have you fully completed your check-in on NCL? Have you read the following? It is lengthy! However, taking the time to read and re-read, until you have followed all of the steps needed, will help get you prepared! https://www.ncl.com/prepare-for-your-cruise/2021 Also, CAREFULLY read... PLEASE NOTE: You will lose the opportunity to Check-in online 3 days prior to sailing.
  8. Regarding the $300.00 Onboard billing, did you take any PCR tests toward the middle/end of your cruise? Perhaps, (I don't know, but maybe?) you were billed for 2 PCR tests.
  9. @Javajitterz Today, I found further information on the NCL website. Yes, it can be a bit difficult to find everything, especially when doing them "Last-Minute!" See Yellow-highlighted "PLEASE NOTE", as that is likely what went so wrong for you! "New health and safety steps added to Online Check-In will significantly cut down processing time at the pier. Experience a much faster, more seamless boarding process when you complete all required steps listed below. Online Check-In for all guests is required to download your eDocs (boarding pass). Port security requires each guest to present their eDocs to enter the pier. PLEASE NOTE: You will lose the opportunity to Check-in online 3 days prior to sailing. Complete these steps in Online Check-In at any time: Travel Documentation: Provide passport number or travel documentation information Flight Information: Provide airline details and purchase transfers to the pier and back to the airport. Onboard Payment Preferences: Select either credit card, debit card or cash Acknowledge that you and each guest in your stateroom will be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to departure (for sailings prior to December 31, 2021). Take a Selfie Photo: Use your computer webcam or mobile phone camera to capture your pre-cruise security photo. You can come back to this step on the Mobile app if you don't have a web cam. These steps will be available 21 days prior to your sail date: Reserve an arrival time to check-in at the pier. You will only be allowed to enter the terminal during this time. Watch the Required Safety Video in advance to avoid large crowd gathering onboard. Learn important muster drill, life jacket and onboard safety procedures. Register each guest to get COVID-19 testing on embarkation day through our 3rd party vendor. This will expedite the testing process at the pier."
  10. If your spa service(s) were part of a package deal, or already discounted, your Latitudes status wouldn't matter.
  11. Boy, did I read that one badly!!! Thank you for the clarification!
  12. There are other sites, where people (such as yourself), are able to sell their CNCs! But, you would want to do that very soon. - NOT allowed on Cruise Critic! -
  13. In the days before COVID-19, booking "Last Minute" was not as problematic as it is now! So, I believe that your "last minute booking" might be the root of your port/first day experience! Let me ask you... Did you fully complete the 8-step Check-In shown below (especially the Health)? Did you print (or download) your E-Docs? Note: Within the E-Docs is a small luggage ICON to click for luggage tags. And, did you Complete and Print (&/or download) all of the necessary documents prior to midnight before your cruise date? Sometime overnight, all bookings are closed and the manifests are generated!
  14. Somewhat loosely-said, the further into the alphabet you go the lower the price (and due to "popularity", the lower the "desirability" (generally having to do with location and/or size). So, a BF is a balcony room, generally on a lower deck, and likely in an area many "seasoned cruisers" try to avoid. And those tend to be priced more moderately.
  15. If you see the Upgrade banner disappear from your account, check the credit card you used! If your bid was accepted, your bid $ amount will show as bending, almost immediately!
  16. Other posters have stated Bid Offers come around 55 days prior to cruise, bids accepted dates vary.
  17. A bit more info at link below... https://www.uspassporthelpguide.com › where-can-i-travel-with-just-a-passport-card Where you can go: You can only go to and reenter the U.S. from border countries with the Passport Card. Border countries are Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. How you can get there: You can travel internationally via air, sea or land with the use of a Passport Book. With the card, you can only travel by sea or land.
  18. Be aware... Reminder: Posting CruiseNext Certificates for Sale is Against Guidelines
  19. If you are upgraded to a Suite/Haven Suite you will want to tip the Concierge and your Butler. There are many posts regarding "how much and whom to tip" if you make a search. Lots of different opinions!
  20. You might get an invitation to bid, or, you might not. You didn't provide enough information, overall, for a reasonable reply. Did you book directly with NCL or use a TA? If TA, some do not participate in the Upgrade Advantage program. If you booked directly with NCL, the system might generate an invitation tomorrow, or later. Currently, you might not actually have an assigned room for them to resell!
  21. Right here is where you possibly could spend some of your OBC. IF your Ruby drink card does not cover drinks for a "guest," You still could buy the other "Platinum solo" drinks if they don't also have perk(s). For that matter, if you'd rather use the OBC that "loose it," buy anybody you please drinks (or whatever)!
  22. Based on plenty of other posts, it is possible that you might still have a chance at being upgraded. There are some people who have stated that they received their info within 24 hours of embarkation. *** Watch your credit card for a "pending" charge of your bid amount!
  23. IF you are looking for the full breakdown of costs (on NCL's site you can see upfront-per-person-fare). Once you select your category, you'll be taken to the next page. There, you will see the Free at Sea options to keep, or un-select. Before even "CONTINUE"(ing) there is an option to View Details (blue print. Lower right hand of page). Once you continue, you can then select your stateroom from available list. And once again, (towards the bottom of summary ...right hand side) you can VIEW DETAILS. I hope this helps answer your questions. If you want the lowest fare, select the SAIL AWAY option and take no perks. ***Also , you DO NOT get to select your room!!!
  24. Good! I often worry that the way I state things might not convey the correct message. That's why I provided the link. Links are "friends" for me.
  25. There is a way, but you have to be looking at a Deck Plan. For the sake of illustration purposes, this link will take you to the Breakaway, Deck 8. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/breakaway/deck-plans Select Deck 13 (for example), and then click on 13120, you will notice a flat wall and a inlet wall. That room would have the bed near the balcony. Then, 13122 would have the bed in the middle of the room, and so-on and so-forth. (Basically, where the large space on the jagged wall is, is where the bed will be!) know this is not a great description, but I hope the visual helps!
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